Bollard Covers

No, A Bollard Cover Is Not Just A Bollard Cover

More Options • More Sizes • More Colors • More Styles

18” Bollard Covers

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Never Paint Again!

  • Bumper Post Sleeve Installs Within Minutes
  • Available in our Standard Colors
  • Fits 4″, 6″, and 8″ Pipe

Deco Bollard Covers

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Elegant Products, Affordable Prices!

  • Seven Different Styles
  • Architecturally Pleasing
  • An Affordable Alternative to Cast Iron or Concrete Bollards

1⁄4” Bollard Covers

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Eliminates Maintenance

  • FITS ALL PIPE SIZES – 3″ – 10″
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Durable Bollard Cover is Ideal for High Traffic Areas

EV Charging Stations

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Stay Charged!

  • Single and Dual Options
  • Most Affordable EV Charging Station on the Market!
  • Protection and Charging Station all in one unit
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