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Contact Us For A QuoteContact Us For A QuoteIdeal Shield knows what is important to you. When you purchase valuable equipment, indoor or outdoor, you want it protected. Ideal Shield’s steel pipe bollards are fabricated to provide that peace of mind you’ve been looking for with your store front, drive-thru, or gas station. We make large orders of steel regularly to make our product competitively priced and affordable for you.

Our steel bollards are available in any size and can be either plate-mounted or core installed. We also provide you with a variety of finishes including galvanized, primed, or painted.Not only does our product provide protection where you need it the most, but adding one of our bollard covers to it will deliver safety by creating greater visibility and awareness.

Want more? Our custom fabrication department can deliver you custom made bollards with cut-outs, i-bolts, removable option, bollard sign systems, and electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Steel Pipe

  • 3-10” Sch 40 & Sch 80 Steel Pipe
  • Raw, Primed, Galvanized
  • Best Finish! Ideal Shield Bollard Cover
  • Base Plate Bollards

  • 3-10” Sch 40 & Sch 80 Steel Pipe
  • Bollards come in all heights
  • Ideal Shield Bollard Cover
  • Removable Bollards

  • Basic Removable Option
  • Locking Bollard Option
  • Heavy Duty Locking Bollard Option

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Steel Pipe Accessories

EV Charging Stations
Sign Base Systems
Bollard Covers
Anchor Bolts
End Caps
Custom Finishes

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