Roof Fall Protection Railing

Protect Your Workers!

Contact Us For A QuoteWith over 30 years experience manufacturing facility guarding and protection products, Ideal Shield is your choice for safety and strength. Our Roof Rail Fall Protection meet OSHA fall protection load requirement standards and is fabricated to protect workers and prevent accidents.

Ideal Shield’s roof rail is a modular system and is manufactured for easy installation. The product ships fully assembled with no welding required significantly reducing installation costs. Our roof rail is weather resistant and will not fade, chip, peel, or rust. With no trip hazards and a bright appearance, this product is your solution to your roof-top safety concerns.

  • The Ideal Product

  • Free standing weighted foot system with no trip hazards
  • Available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs
  • Prevents accidents and protects workers
  • Quick & Easy Install

  • Installs within minutes
  • Significantly reduces installation costs
  • High visibility increases safety with fall protection
  • Maintenance-Free

  • Steel pipe sleeved in durable HDPE plastic
  • Resistant to rusting, chipping and cracking
  • Maintenance free aluminum magnesium external fittings

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