About Us

The Handrail, Guardrail and Bollard Cover Company

Ideal Shield is the manufacturer of the Original Bumper Post Sleeve, the strongest guardrail on the market, the portable sign base, and a wide variety of handrail systems. Our patented line of products saves time, money, and maintenance by eliminating the need to paint. We continue to be the industry leader in facility maintenance solutions with a long list of acclaimed products which also includes bollard covers, sign bases, handrail, both standard and custom guardrail systems, dock door protection goal posts, column wraps, clearance bars, and more. With hundreds of styles available in a variety of sizes and colors, we continually meet the needs of any facility or company. 

Shield products are designed to be a cost-effective way to improve safety in and around your facility, protecting your most valuable assets – your personnel and machinery – as well as enhancing the overall appearance of your structure.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide innovative solutions, superior quality, and excellent customer service.

Located in Southwest Detroit, with five manufacturing plants and a vast distribution network throughout the United States, Ideal Shield’s product line is proudly made in America and readily available for quick shipping.

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Hours of Operations: 


Ideal Group of Companies

We are Ideal, a customer-focused company delivering innovative solutions, providing maximum value in construction services, protection products, and indirect material management.

Ideal Group of Companies

Meet the Shield Family

Mr. Shield

Ideal Shield’s new mascot! Mr. Shield’s mission is all about efficiency.  His round head allows for extreme durability through impact, meaning he won’t need a replacement anytime soon. Because of his ability to “bounce back,” he’s never afraid to join the hard-working crews in high traffic areas or in warehouses or industrial settings.  In addition to his physical resilience, Mr. Shield also takes pride in his biggest aesthetic quality- he never needs a new coat (of paint, that is!).  He’s yellow to the core, all the way through, which means he’ll never need maintenance and will protect his bollard and keep it safe (and pretty) for his whole life!

Mrs. Shield

Mrs. Shield places huge value on building trusting relationships and clear communication. Her personal mission is to make Ideal Shield a transparent company. She knows that the best way to achieve this mission is through honesty and integrity through every step of the business’s processes and is dedicated to continuing to earn the trust of all who do business with us!


Mr. Safety’s pride and joy is his bright “safety orange” color. Since safety is a huge part of who we are at Ideal Shield, he’s the perfect match for our family! Whether it’s inside the warehouse or out in the parking lot, high visibility is the name of his game. It’s his mission to make sure that no people or property are damaged or unseen!


Frank loves to innovate. He loves to be ahead of the curve, so he’s always got some new ideas up his sleeve. By asking questions, listening to customer feedback, and jumping on new projects, Frank makes Ideal Shield the experts in the industry. He’s found throughout the years that the best advice often comes from the people who are using the product day in and day out!

Mr. Savings

Mr. Savings is all about getting the best prices for Ideal Shield’s customers and dealers. He takes pride in knowing how to get the most out of every product, how to get creative in tricky custom situations, and the ins and outs of the competition. He’s ready to help you save some “green” on every job by always delivering the best quality at the best deal!

Mr. High Energy

Sometimes it gets crazy busy over here at Ideal Shield, so Mr. High Energy is always around making sure that our Sales and Customer Service Reps are ready for you! Great service, prompt response times, and short lead times are all his favorite things. Every time you call, you can expect an upbeat member of our crew to help you out quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your busy day.

Mr. Code Red

Ever been in an emergency situation? Who better to help than Mr. Code Red! His biggest priority is our constantly stocked shelves. With tons of colors and sizes in stock on a daily basis, we’re ready to ship out on a moment’s notice to fill your last minute orders.