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Crash Bollards Stop Drunk Driver from Crashing into Home

Protecting vulnerable property is the goal for any Bollard. From EV Charging Stations to storefronts, protection Bollards are there to stop vehicles from causing damage and inflicting potential injuries. However, not all Bollards are equal and neither are the properties. That is why when a homeowner was in need of high quality protection for his home, he called Ideal Shield to find a solution. 

Back in the late fall of 2021, a drunk driver crashed through a protective landscaping wall at the corner of an intersection, causing $40,000 in damage to the home and property. This wasn’t the first incident but it was the last straw for the homeowner. Following that accident, he went looking for a more reliable barrier solution to keep his home and property protected. He reached out to the sales team here at Ideal Shield to find a better option for his home and landed on the C40 Impact Bollards which are one of the most cost-effective crash bollard options on the market. 

And that great decision quickly paid off because just months after installing the new bollards, he had another incident. 

In mid-August, a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel when going through the intersection by the home and struck two of the eight C40 Bollards. The impact was fast and heavy, causing more damage to the Bollard Covers than the Bollards themselves. It also bounced the car back 10-12 feet, causing significant damage to the vehicle but not injuring the driver.

In the words of the homeowner, “Putting (the bollards) up was the best decision I could have made! Thank you, Ideal Shield!!!”

Incidents like this happen every single day. Whether it is drunk drivers, pedal errors, or common car accidents, vulnerable homes and properties are significantly damaged, sometimes causing injuries and even deaths. That is why it is so important to have proper protection at the locations because you never know when the next incident may occur. 

For more information on our C40 Impact Bollards or any of our other protective Bollard options, contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales team today!