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Credit Application

Please be aware that after filling out this online form, you will have to upload a signed copy of our credit application form (right click, save as).

Only the signature section needs to be filled out on the physical form.

Electronic signatures are not accepted at this time

    The Undersigned company is applying for credit with and agrees to abide by the standard terms and conditions
    printed below.

    *Denotes required field




    (If "yes" you will be asked to forward a copy of certificate)



    Trade References

    - All Information is Required - No Telephone, Utility, or Credit Card Companies
    You may upload your own reference list file or fill out the required information on this form.

    References File:

    Reference 1

    Reference 2

    Reference 3

    I represent that the above information is true and is given to induce to extend credit to the applicant. My
    company and I authorize to make such credit investigations as Ideal Shield sees fit, including contacting
    trade and bank references and obtaining credit reports. My company and I authorize all trade references,
    bank, and credit reporting agencies to disclose any and all information concerning the financial and credit
    history of my company and myself.
    I have read the terms and conditions stated below and agree to all of these terms and

    Please download our credit application signature form (right click, save as) and upload the signed
    signature section.

    By signing this application, I have been authorized by my company to agree to the
    terms set forth within.

    General Terms and Conditions and Personal Guarantee

    1. All bills become payable net 30 and are considered past due if not paid by the due date. Please
      all payments to Ideal Shield, 2525 Clark Street, Detroit MI, 48209.

    2. No additional credit will be extended to past due accounts unless satisfactory arrangements are made
      with our credit department.

    3. Credit customer is responsible for all collection and/or legal fees, when applicable.

    4. Personal Guarantee: If the credit customer is a corporation, then those signing this application,
      whether signing as an officer or not, personally guarantee payment for all items purchased on credit
      the corporation.

    Please contact AR@weareideal.com with any questions regarding the credit application process.

    Having issues filling out the form?

    Download the Credit Application here