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Dealer Spotlight: The Ever-Growing J&P Site Experts

Ideal Shield takes great pride in its relationships with dealers. Dealer relationships are critical to the success of any business, and maintaining strong relationships with our dealers is something we value highly. Ideal Shield is proud to continue to grow its partnership with J&P Site Experts out of West Bend, Wisconsin.

J&P Site Experts not only offer the best quality in facilities property maintenance work, but they are your trusted one-stop shop for complete facilities maintenance solutions and ATM service. While J&P started out primarily serving banks and credit unions, they have expanded their maintenance capabilities to contractors, architects, fire stations, and much more.



With their recent expansion of their Specialty Services Division to government and municipal sectors throughout certain regions of Wisconsin, they are only continuing to grow.

For over 20 years, Ideal Shield and J&P have worked together to cover the Midwest with the industry’s strongest and most reliable facility maintenance and protection products. Focusing mainly on Bollard Covers, Bollards, and a variety of parking lot solutions, the Wisconsin dealer is one of the most consistent dealers in the Ideal Shield network. 

Building high-quality facility safety and maintenance products is critical to Ideal Shield’s success, but building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with its dealers is just as significant.

Contact the Ideal Shield sales team today to learn more about becoming a dealer and selling the world-class line of facility safety and maintenance products.