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How To Know Which Bollard I Need?

Are you in the market for some bollard protection on your property? It can be hard to know which bollard is right for you and your setting. From the sizes to the strength levels, it can be a difficult decision for a first time buyer or for a specific protection need around a storefront or expensive in-plant machinery. Luckily for you, we here at Ideal Shield are the experts in the industry and are here to help! 

Ideal Shield has a variety of high quality American-made bollards, so you’ll always find the best solution that consistently works for your protection. Here are the different categories and types of bollards available to meet your protection needs: 

Standard Bollard Protection

Our 100% American-made Steel Pipe Bollards and Base Plated Bollards provide superior protection while also coming in a variety of finishes. While we’ll always recommend our Bollard Covers, you can also get the Bollards finished in galvanized, raw, primed, finished coat, or powder coated. The stick or plated bollards are good for parking lots, storefronts, warehouse protection, sidewalks– you name it!

We have a massive inventory of steel pipe, so whichever length or schedule (40 or 80) you’ll be requiring, we can get them fabricated and shipped quickly to keep your project moving along.

Ideal Shield's Base Plate Bollards without Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s Base Plate Bollards without Bollard Covers.

Ideal Shield's Base Plate Bollards with Bollard Covers.

Ideal Shield’s Base Plate Bollards with Bollard Covers.

Crash Rated Bollard Protection

C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

Ideal Shield’s C40 Traffic Impact Bollards are the industry’s most cost-effective bollard that is specifically designed for storefront protection. Engineered and independently tested to stop a 5,000lb vehicle at 30mph, the C40 Bollard meets ASTM F2656 storefront requirements even with it’s permanent or removable applications. Don’t break the bank with your storefront protection. 

Ideal Shield's independently crash tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard - watermarked

Ideal Shield’s independently crash tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard. 

K4 Crash Rated Bollards

The K4/M30 Crash Rated Bollards offer the high end protection without needing to trench out the area for installation, like the larger certified bollard options. The simple Set & Pour installation will make the process easier on installers and on your bank account. Whether using the permanent or removable option, the K4 Bollard maintains ASTM F2656-07 M30 P1 Rating certification, giving your property protection from 15,000lbs. vehicles at 30 mph. 

Ideal Shield's K4/M30 Crash Rated Bollards

Shipment of Ideal Shield’s K4/M30 Crash Rated Bollards.

K12 Crash Rated Bollards

The engineered and certified K12/M50 Crash Rated Bollard can stop a 15,000lb vehicle going 50mph dead in its tracks. Approved by the Department of Defense Approved, this ASTM F2656-07 M50 rating certified bollard is the strongest option we here at Ideal Shield offer. The K12 Bollard is available in removable or permanent install options and it features a bi-directional stopping capability and unrestricted spacing limit while maintaining certification, giving you the versatility needed for any high end protection needs. 

Installation of Ideal Shield K12 Crash Bollards: The Ultimate Storefront Barriers

Installation of Ideal Shield’s K12/M50 Crash Rated Bollards. 

Temporary Access Bollard Protection

Removable Bollards

If you’re looking to protect an access point that may need to be removed from time to time for vehicle access, the Removable Locking Bollard is a strong option and deterrent. Available in 4″ or 6″ schedule 40 pipe options, the Removable Bollards include floor sleeves to help protect the concrete and hinged closure plates to protect workers and pedestrians when the bollard is removed. Sleeve it in your choice of Bollard Cover and/or galvanize it to meet your specific needs. 

Ideal Shield's 6" Removable Locking Bollard with green Bollard Cover for temporary parking needs.

Ideal Shield’s 6″ Removable Locking Bollard with green Bollard Cover for temporary parking needs.

Collapsible Bollards

If your temporary bollard needs are more of a deterrent that can quickly be moved for vehicle access without doing any heavy lifting, the Collapsible Locking Bollard is right for you. Made from schedule 40 American-made pipe and fabricated right here in Detroit, Michigan, the “fold down” or “drop down” bollards are able to be lifted and placed to the ground in a matter of seconds so trucks and vans can drive over the pipe and access the area. 

Ideal Shield's Collapsible Locking Bollard under a truck.

Ideal Shield’s Collapsible Locking Bollard under a truck.

Flexible Bollard Protection

Bounce Back Bollards 

Sick of forklift accidents in the warehouse or shop? Looking for bollards that “give” a little to help lessen the impact and damage to vehicles? The Bounce Back Bollard is a surface mounted rebound bollard that was designed to absorb forklift impact energy and deflect up to 18 degrees before immediately returning to upright form. This design feature will limit damage to the forklift and the ground, which should save money on repairs. 

FlexPost Bollards

Looking to just give a warning to customer vehicles in the parking lot that get a little too close to the curb? Sick of having to change out bollards after ever impact? The FlexPost Bollards are available in Standard and Heavy Duty options to meet the flexibility needs you’re looking to add to your lots. While both options are readily available, the Heavy Duty comes with a Lifetime Warranty on manufacturer defects if you’re expecting heavier and more consistent impacts. 

Ideal Shield's Flexible Bollard - Watermarked

Ideal Shield’s Flexible Bollard upon impact from pickup truck. 

No matter the location, no matter the protection level needed, We’ve Got You Covered. Don’t worry about shopping around, contact the experienced sales team at Ideal Shield today to learn more about our variety of Bollards and figure out the best fit for your need.