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Painting Curbs is Hard, Install the Curb Guard

Are you sick and tired of dealing with painting curbs? From taking the time out of your day to handle it or paying painters to do it, painting can be a hassle. Not only is it difficult to paint the concrete or asphalt curb but the reoccurring scuffs and marks left by tires just means doing it all again a couple months later. 

Well, what if you didn’t have to paint the curb anymore? Meet the Curb Guard

Made from 1/4″ thick high-density thermoplastic polyethylene (HDPE), the Curb Guard is designed to eliminate painting needs on curbs but to also do much more. On top of a painting alternative, the Curb Guard will help stop vehicle wheels from leaving scuffs on the curb and protect vehicle rims from being scratched and scrapped when rubbing up against the curb. It can also help slip the tire off of the curb instead of riding up it and onto the grass or sidewalk. Ideal Shield's Curb Guard Detailed Product Infographic

The Curb Guard is available in Black or Yellow but can also be purchased in custom colors to meet your exact needs. Whether it’s for caution areas, designated parking areas, non-parking areas, fast food drive-thru, or EV charging pull ups, having properly colored curbs will improve your curbside appeal. 

Need your drive-thru lane to pop a bit more? Want to really make your EV Charing parking spots to standout? Looking to protect your favorite car’s wheels when pulling into your driveway? The Curb Guard has you covered. 

Ideal Shield Curb Guard at Parking Lot Gate Entrance

Black Curb Guard at a parking lot gate entrance. 

Ideal Shield Yellow Curb Guard and Bollard Sign System at McDonald's

Yellow Curb Guard and Bollard Sign System at McDonald’s.

Ideal Shield Green Bollard and Curb Guard protecting EVgo Charging Station

Ask about custom color options like the Lime Green Curb Guard.  

The Curb Guard is the best painting alternative for curbs on the market. Immediately up your curb appeal and save time and money on maintenance costs from painting concrete curbs by contacting our experienced and knowledgeable sales team today to learn about the capabilities, color options, and more.