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Been There, Done Flat

How About Flat?

Ideal Shield’s Flat Top Bollard Covers feature two grooves toward the top of the bollard cover that allows the reflective tape to lay flush against the sleeve, greatly reducing the chances of the tape peeling.

Made from Low-Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic (LDPE), the covers are only available in 1/8″ wall thickness, which will end the need for painting bollards ever again. 

Easily installed with our patented tape (included with every order), our Flat Top Bollard Covers slide cleanly over 4″ or 6″ steel pipe bollards for quick and permanent installation.

While the Flat Top covers are 67″ tall (standard), they’re designed to fit a maximum pipe height of 65″

The Flat Top Bollard Covers are available in our standard colors: Yellow, Onyx Gray, Black, Red, and 285 Blue. 

Reflective tape is included with every order at no additional cost. Tape colors include yellow, red, and silver.

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Product Details

Design: Flat Top
Material: 1/8" thick Thermoplastic Polyethylene with Ultra-Violet and Anti-Static Additives
Height: Standard fits 65" pipe
*Installation Tape Included

Part Number Example:

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Reflective tape will shine in the light

Available in Yellow, Red or Silver


Available in Standard Colors


Patented Installation Tape Included

To Secure a Permanent Fit

The Ideal


  • 4″ and 6″ options available
  • Available in 1/8″ wall thickness
  • Cover available in Yellow, Onyx Gray, Black, Red, and 285 Blue
  • Standard height is 67″ but is designed to fit a maximum pipe height of 65″ 
  • Yellow, red, or silver (appears white) reflective tape options included
  • Two pieces of installation tape included for fast installation – no messy adhesive or screws required


Ideal Shield offers 11 standard colors. Custom colors are available for larger quantities upon request. To discuss a custom color option, please contact our customer service at (866) 825-8659


*Reproduction of web colors are not always “what you see is what you get” because colors on your monitor and the color produced physically can, and most likely will, vary. 

285 Blue (Pantone 285C)

Black (Pantone 6C)

Yellow (Pantone 012C)

Gray (Pantone 11C)

Red (Pantone 187C)

Click on the color swatches for samples

Size Do
I Need?


  • OD=Outside Diameter
  • ID=Inside Diameter
Pipe OD Sleeve ID Pipe Circum. Pipe Size Ideal Sleeve Size
3.5 3 5/8″ 11″ 3″ 3″
4″ 4 1/8″ 12.5″ 3.5″ 3.5″
4.5″ 4 7/8″ 14″-15″ 4″ 4″
5.563″ 5 7/8″ 17.5″ 5″ 5″
6.625″ 6 7/8″ 20.5″-21.5″ 6″ 6″
7.5″ 7 7/8″ 24″ 7″ 7″
8.625″ 8 7/8″ 27″-27.5″ 8″ 8″
10.75″ 10 7/8″ 34″-34.5″ 10″ 10″
12.75″ 12 5/8″ 37 5/8″ 12″ 12″

Click Here to download the Bollard Cover Measuring Tool Click here for printing information.


Brand Your Bollards & Bases

Interested in branding your Bollard Covers and Sign Bases with custom colors and/or decals? Click here to learn more

Frequently Asked

The Flat Top Bollard Cover is available to fit 4’’ and 6’’ steel pipe diameters. If you have a larger or smaller pipe size diameter, our standard Dome Top bollard cover fits all pipe sizes 3’’- 10’’.
Measure the circumference (distance around the post) Take that dimension and divide it by pi (3.14) Example: Circumference is 21″ Divide by 3.14 Pipe size in 6.625″ The bollard cover size you need is 6″
Pipe is measured by inside diameter. For example, 6" pipe has an outside diameter of 6 5/8". Our bollard sizes coincide with the pipe’s outside diameter, ex. our 6" cover has an inside diameter of about 6 7/8" to fit over the 6 5/8" outside diameter of a 6” pipe.
Each bollard cover is delivered with two pieces of our patented foam neoprene tape. Apply the neoprene tape around the circumference of the steel bollard 3" down from the top of the post and 3" up from the bottom of the post. Once the tape is applied, slide the bollard cover over, eliciting the sound of air squeezing out between the post and sleeve as it creates a vacuum seal. If the above directions are followed correctly, the Ideal Shield Bollard Cover should fit tight with no gaps.
The Flat Top Bollard Cover is available in Yellow, Onyx Gray, Black, Red, and 285 Blue.
Yes, reflective stripes are available for Ideal Shield’s Reflective Bollard Cover at no additional charge. Reflective stripes are available in silver, red, or yellow.

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