UV Lighted

Light it up

Brighter & Better Than Before

The New & Improved UV Lighted Bollard Covers are environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for outdoor applications to help illuminate walkways. 

The UV Lighted Bollard Covers features a new flat top design with an improved UV panel to give a bolder and brighter light. The panel recharges with ultra violet rays on both sunny and cloudy days, and now features NiMh rechargeable AA batteries and an On/Off switch so you can control your power. We’re also offering a foam filler for the topper to prevent any light bleed. Contact us for more information. 

Available in any color and with Clear or Frosted Acrylic glass, these long-lasting Lighted Bollard Covers fit over 6″ Bollards or posts and are made from 1/4″ LDPE plastic which will not require painting or any other maintenance efforts. Forget the hassle, add these illuminated bumper post sleeves to provide a touch of elegance, while also increasing visibility and vigilance, to any parking lot, walkway, or storefront. 

The UV Lighted Bollard Covers measure up to 58” tall with a max pipe fit of 50″ but can be cut to custom heights at no additional cost.

Looking for a little more power from your Lighted Bollard Covers? Check out the Hardwired Lighted Bollard Covers for a more permanent option.

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Product Details

Design: UV Light with Flat Top
Material: 1/4″ thick Low-Density Thermoplastic Polyethylene (LDPE)
Installation: Basic Bollard Cover Install
Pipe Fit: Fits 6" pipe diameter (can fit 4" pipe with steel sizing insert)
Height: 58" overall, fits 50" pipe (cut to custom height for no additional charge)

*Replacement parts available; contact for more information

Part Number Example:

part number guide


Brighter Than Before

American Made

Made and Manufactured in the USA


Recharges in Sunny or Cloudy Weather

The Ideal


  • Features a new Flat Top design 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Charges even on cloudy days 
  • Light time on full charge: 12-20 hours
  • Each cover comes with (2) NiMh Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • Designed to work in 14* – 158* degree (F) weather 
  • Fits 6” pipe up to 50″ tall, overall height of 58″ 
  • Custom cut to any height for no additional charge
  • Available in all colors to meet your branding needs  
  • Foam Filler available for topper to prevent light bleed 


Ideal Shield can match any color imaginable for its Decorative Bollard Covers. 

Custom colors, including Light Granite and Dark Granite, are available upon request for an up-charge. To discuss a custom color option, please contact our customer service at (866) 825-8659

Black (Pantone 6C)
Urban Bronze (Pantone 2336 XGC)
402 Gray (Pantone 402C)
Gray (Pantone 11C)
Forest Green (Pantone 343C)
Brown (Pantone PQ-440C)
White (Pantone 663C)
Blue (Pantone 2736C)
Red (Pantone 187C)
Yellow (Pantone 012C)
Dark Granite
Light Granite


*Reproduction of web colors are not always “what you see is what you get” because colors on your monitor and the color produced physically can, and most likely will, vary. 


(Pantone 6C)

Urban Bronze

(Pantone 2336 XGC)

402 Gray

(Pantone 402C)


(Pantone 11C)

Forest Green

(Pantone 343C)


(Pantone PQ-440C)


(Pantone 663C)


(Pantone 2736C)


(Pantone 187C)


(Pantone 012C)
Dark Granite

Dark Granite

Light Granite

Light Granite

Click on the color swatches for samples

Size & Fit Does Matter

Reference Chart

  • OD=Outside Diameter
  • ID=Inside Diameter

Most Common Pipe & Sleeve Sizes

Pipe OD Ideal Sleeve Size Sleeve ID Pipe Circumference Pipe Size Image Reference
6 5/8" 6" 7" 20 1/2" - 21 1/2" 6" Example Image

Resources & Downloads

Our UV Lighted Bollard Cover requires ultra violet rays to charge the cell which means in either sunlight or in cloudy skies, the bollard will charge. There's also no professional requirements for installation. As for the Hardwired Lighted Bollard Cover, it draws 5 watts of power 120 volts and requires a professional electrician to install.
Our new UV Lighted Bollard Covers feature a bigger top and a much improved lighting system. The light is now brighter and has an on/off switch for ease of use. There are also removable/rechargeable batteries in the system.
Each Ideal Shield UV Lighted Bollard Cover requires (2) NiMh Rechargeable AA Batteries. We recommend taking the batteries out and turning off the unit when the temperature is consistently below freezing (32 degrees) if you want to save the battery life. The batteries come with a 1-3 year lifespan depending on care. Taking the batteries out when not in use during winter months will help extend that lifespan to the 3 year max.
The Foam Filler is a piece of foam that will be inserted into the lighted topper to prevent any light bleed on lighter colored Bollard Covers. Ask for more information.
Our Lighted Bollards Covers are made to fit over 6’’ pipe. For smaller pipes, we do offer sizing inserts for the bollard cover to fit secure.
Measure the circumference (distance around the post) Take that dimension and divide it by pi (3.14) Example: Circumference is 21’’. Divide by 3.14. Pipe size in 6.625’’ The bollard cover size you need is 6’’
Pipe is measured by inside diameter. For example, 6” pipe has an outside diameter of 6 5/8”. Our bollard sizes coincide with the pipe’s outside diameter, ex. our 6” cover has an inside diameter of about 6 7/8” to fit over the 6 5/8” outside diameter of a 6” pipe.
Each bollard cover is delivered with two pieces of our patented foam neoprene tape. You will apply the neoprene tape around the circumference of the steel bollard 3’’ down from top of post and 3’’ up from bottom of the post. Once the tape is applied, you will slide the bollard cover over and you should hear air squeezing out between the post and sleeve creating a vacuum seal. If the above directions are followed correctly, the Ideal Shield Bollard Cover should fit tight with no gaps. For the Hardwired Covers, you'll need a professional electrician for installation.
Decorative Bollard Covers are available in any color to match branding needs.
All we need is a Pantone color number. We have done Custom Colors for Fortune 500 companies with great results.
Lead time will depend on if we have matched the color before. We have over 300 color matches in inventory. Lead time is 2-3 weeks if matched and 4-6 weeks if it’s a custom match.
No, we do not have minimum on Ideal Shield Bollard Covers.
The only information we need from you is the size of your pipe you want to cover. When you receive your material, the insert inside of the bollard cover. All you have to do is slide your deco cover over your steel pipe.

Brand Your Bollards & Bases

Interested in branding your Bollard Covers and Sign Bases with custom colors and/or decals? Click here to learn more

Our Customers

What our customers are saying

“We purchased some sign bollard covers from you all a few months ago and they work great! So far we’ve had 0 signs fall over in our parking lot. This time last year we had 2-3 fall over so already we’ve saved roughly $500 dollars in damages.”

William Myers - Amazon

“I have been truly impressed with the covers we bought from you so many years ago. They have been exposed to direct sunlight for years and have not faded one bit after all this time! Kudos!”

Mark C. - UBT

“First and foremost, we have loved the sign bases. They have gone through the various states of weather that Minnesota has to offer and they are withstanding the weather and doing a great job for us. At this time, we have all of our needs, however, after the Super Bowl and when we head into our spring events we could be looking to purchasing additional signs. ” 

Representative from US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings & Super Bowl 52

“This is just what we were looking for. Well made. We will be installing it next week. Everyone here is excited to have a railing to hang onto with winter coming. We at St. Cyprian thank you and your facility for help us.”

Carl Baltosiewich w/St. Cyprian

“Ideal Shield had some of the best prices on the market for bollards and covers. They were very easy to deal with and provided prompt shipment. The quality of the material was exceptional and a breeze to install.” 

James Harvill

“Steris Pharmaceutical chose Ideal Shield handrail because it’s sturdy, and the mounting brackets worked really well. Very happy with the product.”

Kevin Korb - Rite Hite

“When compared to other railing systems, Ideal Shield’s anchor system is cost-efficient and super strong – plus fully removable for relocation. Ideal Shield offers quality products that are very durable and never require painting.”

Donnie Frederick - Odessa College

“Ideal Shield has helped me out of many issues over the last couple of years. The restaurant business is always under a sense of urgency. It’s refreshing when someone drops everything & goes the extra mile to help. That is VERY rare this day & age.” 

Kari Carper - BDH Contracting

“I am speechless, I have never had a company go above and beyond what Y’all are doing for Us.  There are only two words to describe Ideal Shield Character and Integrity.  I will be sure to tell everyone I do business with about your company. ” 

Joe W. - AT&T

“Amazing customer service! I had many questions and multiple emails back and forth with them to match the correct product to my needs. They responded very quickly and precisely. Sales associate was exceptional to deal with! Amazing customer service! I had many questions and multiple emails back and forth with them to match the correct product to my needs. They responded very quickly and precisely. Sales associate was exceptional to deal with!”

Dave Albright

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