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Ideal Shield's Standard Industrial Guardrail

Standard Guardrails

Setting a New Standard for Guardrail

Fully Assembled. No Welding Required.

Ideal Shield Standard Guardrail System is the market’s premier solution to protecting your facility’s most valuable assets – people and equipment.

Our Standard Guardrail Systems are built with 4″ schedule 40 steel pipe rails & 2 ½” schedule 80 steel pipe posts, are available in both one or two line rails, and are sleeved in a durable HDPE plastic, requiring no maintenance or painting. This means that you’ll be saving money on possible accidents as well as maintenance and labor fees moving forward.

Unlike traditional-welded or bolt-down systems that require the rail to be replaced after an impact, our unique design can withstand multiple impacts from a 12,000lb forklift traveling 4 mph.

When Ideal’s guardrail is hit, the shock is distributed throughout the entire section, resulting in zero deflection to maximize floor space and limit potential damage as much as possible…the same cannot be said for the competitor’s guardrail.

If you’re looking for even stronger protection, check out our Heavy-Duty Industrial Guardrail

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Product Details

Pipe Post: 2 ½” diameter schedule 80 steel pipe
Pipe Rails: 4″ diameter schedule 40 steel pipe
Heights: 14 3/4" (one-line only), 27", 36" or 42" overall
Lengths: 48", 72", 96", 120" or 144" overall
Standard Install: Base Plate or Core-In
1/2"x 8"x 8" base plate with (4) 15/16" anchor bolt holes
3" round tube floor sleeve

*Installation hardware not included

Part Number Example:

part number guide


custom width and height configurations are available upon request


UV and antistatic treated 1/4″ polyethylene thermoplastic (HDPE)


base plate, cored, and removable options are available

installation hardware not included

The Ideal


  • Virtually maintenance-free protection for workers and expensive facility equipment
  • Standard Guardrail can withstand multiple hits from a forklift traveling 4 mph
  • Our zero-deflection design allows you to maximize floor space
  • Surface-mount, core-in and removable installation options available
  • Standard sizes & heights in stock with custom configurations available
  • Fully assembled upon arrival, allowing for easy unloading and reduced installation costs

Common Uses

  • Facility, machinery and critical asset protection
  • Protecting warehouse pallet racks
  • Parking lot protection
  • Electric vehicle charging station barriers
  • Safeguarding inventory



Frequently Asked

Standard Guardrail is made of 4’’ sch. 40 steel pipe rails and 2 1/2 sch. 80 steel pipe posts. The guardrail can withstand a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 4 mph. Heavy Guardrail is made of 6’’ sch. 40 steel pipe rails and 4’’ sch. 80 steel pipe posts. The guardrail can withstand a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 8 mph.
Yes, you can plate or core drill depending on your application.
Ideal Shield’s Standard Guardrail System is the strongest guardrail on the market; it can withstand multiple hits from a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 4 mph. The guardrail is a modular, delivers to site fully assembled and never requires paint. Lastly, the system can be placed within 8’’ of a wall which saves valuable floor space.
Our standard lengths are 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12' sections. For continuous runs, we recommend that you use as many 10’ sections as possible and space each section 6’’-8” apart.
In terms of customization, our safety guardrails are available in two different colors including highly visible safety yellow, and gunmetal gray – a high-end alternative to galvanized rail. The Standard guardrail is also available in a variety of sizes, heights and mounting options thanks to the fact that all of the manufacturing takes place right here in the United States. We can build your guardrail to any specification.
You can install our Guardrail a number of different ways: 1) You can use anchor expansion bolts (6 1/4 x 3/4). 2) On application of 27” and shorter, you can use a 3” core bit and drop the railing into place, making the railing modular. On installation of 28” or higher, you can add steel floor sleeves so your railing is still modular; 3) You can cement the railing into place.
You can re-sleeve the guardrail section if needed.

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