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Make your limits known

Make sure tall vehicles know your clearance before it’s too late. Ideal Shield’s Clearance Bars are the best maintenance-free, cost-effective choice for optimal clearance signage.

Our Clearance Bars are easy to read, highly visible, and are made of HDPE plastic making sure that you never have to paint again!

Ideal Shield’s Clearance Bars are now available in three different sizes:       

5.25″ Outside Diameter – 78″ Overall Length (with 2 eyebolts)                            

5.25″ Outside Diameter – 110″ Overall Length (with 3 eyebolts)                             

7.25″ Outside Diameter – 110″ Overall Length (with 3 eyebolts) 

Virtually maintenance free, durable, and highly-visible, Ideal Shield’s Clearance Bar comes standard in Yellow we still offer a variety of customizable options when it comes to color matching, branded logo application, sizing, and more! 

Ideal Shield’s Clearance Bars are also available with a durable and highly-visible Clearance Bar Apparatus (see below). Please contact your sales representative for more information.

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Product Details

Clearance Bar: 1/4" wall thickness LDPE plastic
Color Options:
For Yellow, one solid molded piece.
For any other color, two pieces that connect together in the center
5.25" OD 78" Overall length w/ 2 eye bolts
7.25" OD 110" Overall length w/ 3 eye bolts

Part Number Example:

part number guide


any wording available


Stationary, Flexible, or Custom Options

contact for more information


Safety Yellow

other colors available upon request

The Ideal


  • Maintenance-Free; will not fade, peel, or crack
  • Highly visible, customized lettering available 
  • Multiple Options available, depending on size and color   
  • Comes with eye hooks for hanging purposes 
  • Available with or without Clearance Bar Apparatus



Frequently Asked

Ideal Shield’s clearance bar’s standard sizes include 5 ¼” outside diameter and 78” length, 5 ¼” outside diameter and 110” length and 7 ¼” outside diameter and 110”, however, custom sizes are available.
Yes, currently Ideal Shield offers two different types of clearance bars. The classic yellow clearance bar is a solid molded piece. Other colors are (2) pieces twisted together in the center with rivets. The second option will save you money on shipping costs.
Our standard color is yellow, but any color is available upon request.
No, reflective stripes do not come on the clearance bars but we are able to add them at an additional cost. However, Ideal Shield does not endorse or recommend the additional of reflective tape because you are turning a maintenance-free product into a product that requires maintenance as tape will start to peel. Depending on the application, the tape will need to be replaced several times during the life of the clearance bar.

What our customers are saying

“First and foremost, we have loved the bases. They have gone through the various states of weather that Minnesota has to offer and they are withstanding the weather and doing a great job for us. At this time, we have all of our needs, however, after the Super Bowl and when we head into our spring events we could be looking to purchasing additional signs. ” 

Representative from US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings & Super Bowl 52

“This is just what we were looking for. Well made. We will be installing it next week. Everyone here is excited to have a railing to hang onto with winter coming. We at St. Cyprian thank you and your facility for help us.”

Carl Baltosiewich w/St. Cyprian

“Ideal Shield had some of the best prices on the market for bollards and covers. They were very easy to deal with and provided prompt shipment. The quality of the material was exceptional and a breeze to install.” 

James Harvill

“Steris Pharmaceutical chose Ideal Shield handrail because it’s sturdy, and the mounting brackets worked really well. Very happy with the product.”

Kevin Korb - Rite Hite

“When compared to other railing systems, Ideal Shield’s anchor system is cost-efficient and super strong – plus fully removable for relocation. Ideal Shield offers quality products that are very durable and never require painting.”

Donnie Frederick - Odessa College

“Ideal Shield has helped me out of many issues over the last couple of years. The restaurant business is always under a sense of urgency. It’s refreshing when someone drops everything & goes the extra mile to help. That is VERY rare this day & age.” 

Kari Carper - BDH Contracting

“I am speechless, I have never had a company go above and beyond what Y’all are doing for Us.  There are only two words to describe Ideal Shield Character and Integrity.  I will be sure to tell everyone I do business with about your company. ” 

Joe W. - AT&T

“Amazing customer service! I had many questions and multiple emails back and forth with them to match the correct product to my needs. They responded very quickly and precisely. Sales associate was exceptional to deal with! Amazing customer service! I had many questions and multiple emails back and forth with them to match the correct product to my needs. They responded very quickly and precisely. Sales associate was exceptional to deal with!”

Dave Albright

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