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Ideal Shield’s Portable Pyramid Sign Bases are the perfect fit for all temporary or permanent signage needs, including Curbside Pick Up Services and Parking Lot signage.

Our Plastic Sign Base will not require painting or maintenance and features a quick and easy installation process. This cost-effective, heavy-duty product will make a lasting first impression. The portable sign base features a lightweight design to improve shipping costs and maneuverability but can also withstand the elements as the system is designed to withstand 75 mph winds with proper sized signage and filler option

Looking for an upgrade over concrete? Compared to the regular 300 lbs concrete sign bases, our product weighs just 30 lbs when empty. When the bases are properly filled (16 gallons in freezing temperatures; 19 gallons otherwise), the base can be over 200lbs, depending on the choice of filler. 

For an even more heavy-duty option, you can fill the base with concrete to get the best of both worlds.

We’ve matched over 600 colors so we can meet any color needs you may have. Add custom decals too to really take your bases to another level! 

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Product Details

Sign Base:
22" H x 22" W x 22" D
Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Sign Post:
Standard height is 96" (custom lengths available)
1.66 OD 14 gauge sleeved in HDPE plastic 1.9" OD with plastic cap
Install: Fill with water, base gel, pea gravel, sand, or concrete

Part Number Example:

part number guide


Designed to withstand wind gusts up to 75mph

Must have recommended sized signage and proper filler

American Made

Made and Fabricated in the USA

Add Ons:

Add Wheels, Wireless Cameras, Base Gel, and Decals

The Ideal


User Friendly  

  • Lightweight design reduces shipping costs; ships at just 30 lbs. compared to heavy concrete bases weighing 300 lbs.
  • Maintenance-Free; will not chip, crack, or peel 
  • Available in any color and with any custom decal to meet branding needs 
  • Traditional and directional signage options available
  • Standard signpost height is 96″; can be cut to any height
  • Sign Brackets included for easy sign installation 
  • Designed to withstand 75 mph winds with proper sized signage and filler option

Easy Installation 

  • No core drilling or bolt-down installation required
  • Portable option available; easy to maneuver for everyday employees 
  • Bases withstand freezing conditions – do not fill to capacity to allow base gel or water to expand when frozen
  • Volume of the Sign Base is 19.4 gallons; recommend water fill is 16 gallons in freezing areas
  • For more permanent sign base option, fill with concrete to increase weight. 

Common Uses 

  • Curbside pickup and mobile ordering services
  • School crosswalks and campus directional signage
  • Police, fire and other emergency personnel situations
  • Handicap, accessible or specialized parking
  • Construction sites
  • Temporary parking zones


Ideal Shield offers 10 standard colors of Pyramid Sign Bases and 8 standard colors of signposts. Custom colors are available upon request. To discuss a custom color option, please contact our customer service at (866) 825-8659

Black (Pantone 6C)
Blue (Pantone 2736C)
Red (Pantone 187C)
Yellow (Pantone 012C)
Forest Green (Pantone 343C)
Orange (Pantone 173C)
Gray (Pantone 11C)
402 Gray (Pantone 402C)
White (Pantone 663C)
Brown (Pantone PQ-440C)
Ideal Shield's Orange Sign Base with white pole and custom signage for Blaze Pizza's curbside pickup
Ideal Shield's Portable Sign Bases for Target's Curbside Pickup parking spots


*Reproduction of web colors are not always “what you see is what you get” because colors on your monitor and the color produced physically can, and most likely will, vary. 

Base Color


(Pantone 6C)


(Pantone 2736C)


(Pantone 187C)


(Pantone 012C)

Forest Green

(Pantone 343C)


(Pantone 173C)


(Pantone 11C)

402 Gray

(Pantone 402C)


(Pantone 663C)


(Pantone PQ-440C)
Click on the color swatches for samples
Pole Color


(Pantone 6C)


(Pantone 2736C)


(Pantone PQ-440C)


(Pantone 11C)


(Pantone 187C)



(Pantone 663C)


(Pantone 012C)

Resources & Downloads

Standard Base Colors include OSHA Yellow, Red, Blue, and Black. We also offer Green, Brown, White, Orange, and Dark Gray upon request. Contact us for custom colors.
Starts at $125 for new colors or $50 for existing colors. Price can fluctuate depending on the exact color and how many need to be ordered.
Standard signpost colors are Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Brown, White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Silver.
Each sign base includes (1) binding post screw to lock the signpost to the sign base, (2) plastic caps for the filler section of the base and the top of the signpost, as well as (2) adjustable sign brackets with (4) set screws and (4) hex nuts for easy installation of signage on the signpost. If wheels are purchased, each sign base will include the (2) wheels/rubber casters and (8) screws as well.
The base gel will freeze at temperatures below 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) and will return to a firm, stable gel as temperatures rise above 32 degrees F. To allow for base gel and water mixture to expand when frozen, only fill base with 16 gallons. The base gel’s performance will not be affected by repeated freeze-thaw cycles and lasts up to 7 years. To remove the base gel, add salt to the mixture.
We recommend filling the Sign Base up with 19 gallons of water (and base gel mix) though if in freezing temperatures, we recommend 16 gallons of water to allow for expansion.
With the recommended sized signage and proper filler, the Pyramid Sign Base is designed to withstand 75 mph winds. When the signage is too large and/or the filler is not heavy enough, the Sign Base system can be vulnerable to tipping over. Contact our sales team today to learn more.

Brand Your Bollards & Bases

Interested in branding your Bollard Covers and Sign Bases with custom colors and/or decals? Click here to learn more

Our Customers

What our customers are saying

“We purchased some sign bollard covers from you all a few months ago and they work great! So far we’ve had 0 signs fall over in our parking lot. This time last year we had 2-3 fall over so already we’ve saved roughly $500 dollars in damages.”

William Myers - Amazon

“I have been truly impressed with the covers we bought from you so many years ago. They have been exposed to direct sunlight for years and have not faded one bit after all this time! Kudos!”

Mark C. - UBT

“First and foremost, we have loved the sign bases. They have gone through the various states of weather that Minnesota has to offer and they are withstanding the weather and doing a great job for us. At this time, we have all of our needs, however, after the Super Bowl and when we head into our spring events we could be looking to purchasing additional signs. ” 

Representative from US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings & Super Bowl 52

“This is just what we were looking for. Well made. We will be installing it next week. Everyone here is excited to have a railing to hang onto with winter coming. We at St. Cyprian thank you and your facility for help us.”

Carl Baltosiewich w/St. Cyprian

“Ideal Shield had some of the best prices on the market for bollards and covers. They were very easy to deal with and provided prompt shipment. The quality of the material was exceptional and a breeze to install.” 

James Harvill

“Steris Pharmaceutical chose Ideal Shield handrail because it’s sturdy, and the mounting brackets worked really well. Very happy with the product.”

Kevin Korb - Rite Hite

“When compared to other railing systems, Ideal Shield’s anchor system is cost-efficient and super strong – plus fully removable for relocation. Ideal Shield offers quality products that are very durable and never require painting.”

Donnie Frederick - Odessa College

“Ideal Shield has helped me out of many issues over the last couple of years. The restaurant business is always under a sense of urgency. It’s refreshing when someone drops everything & goes the extra mile to help. That is VERY rare this day & age.” 

Kari Carper - BDH Contracting

“I am speechless, I have never had a company go above and beyond what Y’all are doing for Us.  There are only two words to describe Ideal Shield Character and Integrity.  I will be sure to tell everyone I do business with about your company. ” 

Joe W. - AT&T

“Amazing customer service! I had many questions and multiple emails back and forth with them to match the correct product to my needs. They responded very quickly and precisely. Sales associate was exceptional to deal with! Amazing customer service! I had many questions and multiple emails back and forth with them to match the correct product to my needs. They responded very quickly and precisely. Sales associate was exceptional to deal with!”

Dave Albright

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