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Protect Your Property With Ideal Shield Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield is the Original Bollard Cover Company as its CEO and Founder, Frank Venegas, invented the original bollard cover over 20 years ago. 

In 1996, the CEO of the Ideal Group came up with the idea to utilize the bollard post unlike ever before. Not only just as a piece of protection but as a way for businesses to limit maintenance and painting costs while standing out and branding out. 

It began with just a simple, yellow, plastic, dome top bollard cover that was extremely visible, durable and could be used just about anywhere. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, as Frank and Ideal Shield would go on to produce the largest collection of bollard covers or “bumper post sleeves” in the industry, which are available in 18 different styles and nearly 600 different colors.  

Ideal Shield has been around the longest, has sold more Bollard Covers than anyone, offers more styles and colors than anyone, and has the most expertise in the industry. If you’re looking to protect your property and improve its aesthetics, contact Ideal Shield’s knowledgable sales team today!