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Storefront crashes have become an epidemic in the United States.

Each and every day, a news report comes out about an individual crashing their car into a building or, even worse, a group of people.

Main causes of these accidents include pedal mistakes, losing control of the car, distracted driving, and even terrorist attacks.

According to Storefront Crash Expert Rob Reiter, storefront crashes happen 60 times per day, causing injuries to over 4,000 people annually and killing as many as 500 people per year

The Storefront Safety Council estimated that the cost of a car-into-building crash, that does not include an injury, is $9,100 per crash. And when you add in Fairwarning experts reporting that it would cost less than $10,000 to install proper protective bollard posts, the numbers show everything business owners should need to know: Being proactive with storefront protection will not only save money, but it will potentially save customer’s lives from horrific accidents. 

According to WCIA in Champaign, IL., car-into-building crashes cost about $200 million each year to pay for just property damage and medical bills. They also mention how “someone” has to pay for the costs, and that could end up being a group effort as they also reported that, according to insurance agents, the state minimum in Illinois for property damage coverage through car insurance is $25,000. And with crashes normally exceeding that amount, that means the statewide insurance rates would end up increasing for everyone. 

Protection is needed and the cause needs to be pushed more and more. That is why Ideal Shield has joined in with the Storefront Safety Council to be an advocate of storefront crash protection and a dealer of storefront protection products, which includes our bollard posts and bollard sign systems. But we didn’t stop there.

Ideal Shield now offers three different Storefront Protection Bollards in our catalog of products. That includes our C40 Traffic Impact Bollard, which was designed specifically to protect businesses and storefronts from accidents as it was engineered to stop a 5,000lbs. vehicle at 30 mph. We also offer the K4 Crash Bollard, which is designed to stop a 15,000lbs. vehicle at 30mph, and the K12 Crash Bollard, which is engineered to stop a 15,000lbs. vehicle at 50mph. Contact us today for more information!