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Save A Lot with the Core & Drop Guardrail Installation

For most Industrial Guardrails, there are two types of installation options: Core-in, which consists of core drilling into the ground, backfilling with concrete, and permanently installing the posts of the Guardrail into the cement. Or there is the quick and easy surface-mounted option that only requires drilling and anchoring the Guardrail’s base plates into the concrete. Both are very common and reliable. However, what if you’d like to remove the Guardrail to access specific areas? What if you’re looking to improve the strength of the Guardrail without spending time and money on concrete work?

If you’re looking for a way to improve the strength of the barrier, improve the safety of your facility, and save some money on the installation at the same time, We’ve Got You Covered with our Core & Drop Guardrail Installation.

Available only for 27″ or shorter Guardrail, the Core & Drop installation involves coring out at least 6″ of flooring (or depth of the concrete) and simply placing the Guardrail posts into the holes. And that’s it. Just as the name says, it’s literally just core drilling and dropping the Guardrail into the ground. This installation will allow for removal whenever necessary and improved strength that will protect assets better and limit the damage done to the concrete upon impact from forklifts as the energy from the impacts is evenly distributed throughout the Guardrail.

Now, there are slightly different features for the size of the Ideal Shield Guardrail you’ll be installing. For the Standard Guardrail, the posts will require a 2 7/8″ core bit but no floor sleeve. While the Heavy Duty Guardrail and Standard Barrier Guardrail will require a 5 1/8″ core bit and plastic floor sleeves (which are included) to ensure a perfect fit.

Ideal Shield's Core & Drop items required and process for Heavy Duty Guardrail.

Ideal Shield’s Core & Drop items required and process for Heavy Duty Guardrail.

The Core & Drop Guardrail installation is designed to save you time and money on the installation and future costs without giving up any strength or safety requirements. Add in the ability to remove the Guardrail when necessary to access areas, and there isn’t a better or more cost-effective Guardrail installation solution on the market.

For more information on the Core & Drop installation process or benefits, contact Ideal Shield’s experienced sales and engineering team today and ask about all our Industrial Guardrail solutions and installation options available.