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Shield Parking Lot Products are Designed to “Pop” in the Winter Slop

February 4th, 2019

Days are shorter, nights are longer. It’s cold, dreary, wet, gray, and gross. It’s the winter in a large portion of the country and while that can be a beautiful time of the year in the wilderness, it’s not exactly an attractive time for parking lots and storefronts.

From huge mounds of snow throughout the lots to the salt and dirt covering most cars, it’s not exactly a “Kodak moment”. Everything seems to have a gray hue to it. Not only can it be depressing and ugly, but it can also be dangerous as drivers may not be able to see concrete barriers, bollards, and sign bases. That is why it’s so important to add a touch of color to your parking lots and storefronts. And there isn’t an option out there that looks better or lasts longer than Ideal Shield’s catalog of products: 

Bollard Covers 

Available in any color your heart can imagine, Ideal Shield’s wide array of bollard cover options is untouched on the market. What makes it even better is the five-year no fade guarantee that is offered as well, something that no one else can beat. So, when the weather gets rough and nasty, you won’t have to worry about your bollards fading, cracking, or chipping. The posts will look fantastic in the summer sun or the winter slop, whether surrounding your ATM or protecting your parking lot. 

Ideal Shield's yellow Bollard Covers used to protect an ATM at Wells Fargo

Ideal Shield’s yellow Bollard Covers used to protect an ATM at Wells Fargo.

Sign Bases 

Designed to be more visible than the alternative concrete sign base option, our Plastic Sign Bases can be made in any color to match branding needs. But that color will do more than just help customers recognize and differentiate your brand. The bright color options can also help drivers navigate lot entrances, crosswalks, roadways, and parking spots. As gray, concrete bases blend into the dirty snow, they’re also a nice dent, crack, or scratch waiting to happen to any car, while Ideal’s colorful plastic alternatives are not. 

Ideal Shield's yellow sign base used as a Stop Sign

Ideal Shield’s yellow sign bases used as stop signs at a crosswalk.

Bollard Sign Systems 

From handicap accessible parking spots to expecting mother’s spots and everything in-between, sign systems are extremely common in parking lots. The signs are normally placed between two parking spots, protecting the cars from hitting each other while also marking the spot accordingly. But when the bollards or signposts are left bare, they can be really hard to see in the winter time. That is what the Ideal Shield Bollard Sign System helps to fix. The bright color bollards not only help the driver’s with depth perception while pulling into the spots but they also help drivers identify the spots when driving around the lots. 

Ideal Shield's yellow Bollard Sign Systems used for handicap accessible parking at Aldi's

Ideal Shield’s yellow Bollard Sign Systems used for handicap accessible parking at Aldi’s

There are only so many options to add permanent color to your parking lots and storefronts. Luckily, Ideal Shield offers several different products that not only will make your parking lot more attractive and help it standout throughout the year, but those same products will also help business owners save money through never having to paint again. 

Looking to learn more about our facility maintenance and protection products that will add a little “pop” during the winter slop? Contact our experienced sales team for more information on our Bollard Covers, Sign Bases, Bollard Sign Systems, and much more! 

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