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Why Ideal Shield Guardrail is Better than Bolt-On Steel Guardrail

When considering protection for your people, products and property with industrial guardrail, Ideal Shield is your number one choice for premium protection. While you may see the painted steel options on the market more than any other, Ideal Shield’s plastic sleeved steel pipe guardrail dominates over the corrugated or bolt-on guardrail options for countless reasons.

Whether you want exceptional protection that can withstand multiple forklift impacts, a clean appearance that can be customized to your surrounding environment, or a cost-effective, long-lasting product, Ideal Shield’s Industrial Guardrails are at the top of every category.


Durability & Longevity

Since Ideal Shield’s Guardrails are sleeved with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, the material is basically maintenance-free as it won’t be effected by rust or corrosion like painted steel guardrails. This also means that Ideal Shield’s Guardrails will withstand harsh climates and severe weather, giving you more options for where you install your guard railing. As for impact resistance…

Strength & Savings 

If you didn’t know, rounded pipe is naturally stronger than square tube steel as all pressure is distributed evenly through the cylindrical shape upon impact. This means Ideal Shield’s Guardrails will withstand heavier collisions and multiple impacts much better than the corrugated alternative. This will mean more bang for you buck as you will not need to replace the railing every time minor impacts or forklift accidents take place. 

American Made 

While not all bolt-on corrugated guardrail is made overseas, not all of it is made in the United States either. That is not the case with Ideal Shield. Every component of the Ideal Shield Guardrail solutions are made with American materials and are fabricated in Detroit, Michigan because when we say “Made in USA” we actually mean it. 

Meet Any Project Need 

Ideal Shield Guardrails are available in several different options to meet your needs. Looking for basic guarding for pallet racking, machinery, edge protection, or walkways? The Standard Guardrail or Heavy Duty Guardrail can be made in several different lengths as well as heights with one-line or two-line designs to protect higher or lower.

Ideal Shield's Standard Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Standard Guardrail.

In need of extended guardrail runs? The Barrier Guardrail is a guardrail component system that can be purchased in multiple pieces to build out one continuous guarding solution. 

Ideal Shield One-Line Barrier Guardrail

Ideal Shield One-Line Barrier Guardrail. 

Looking for overhead protection? Check out the Goal Post Guardrail which is the perfect solution for dock doors or freezer doors.

Ideal Shield's Goal Post with HGR - Ratelli Meat

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post with Heavy Duty Guardrail protecting wall assets at a distribution facility. 

Need to go real big and protect high and wide? There isn’t a bolt-on guardrail option even close to Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail which can be custom designed to protect just about any area in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center. 

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guardrail used for floor stacking protection

Ideal Shield’s custom designed Safety Wall Guardrail used for floor stacking protection. 

Ready to make the ideal choice to protect all of your valuable assets?  Contact the experienced Ideal Shield sales team today to learn more about our variety of Industrial Guardrail products and more how we can help protect your critical assets.