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3 Ways Column Wraps Can Improve Grocery Store Safety

Big box stores, mom & pop shops, supercenters, supermarkets, boutique chains, and warehouse clubs. All of these types of grocery stores normally have more in common than just selling groceries. And that is the structural design behind these large stores which includes anywhere from a handful to hundreds of exposed structural columns that sit between aisleways. These columns are critical to the facility but can be utilized for more than just structural integrity. 

There are several ways to utilize the columns with plastic Column Wraps to improve the safety in grocery stores, including: 

1. Eliminate Sharp Edges

One of the most common covers for columns in grocery stores is steel diamond plate. It can look great when new and perfectly designed but for the most part, it can be dangerous for shoppers. The edges of the steel can be quite sharp and if there is any pieces sticking out, it can not only snag clothing but can cut the skin of customers. That is not good for any business. 

With plastic Column Wraps, the chances of a customer cutting themselves on it because they just so happened to walk close to it is gone. It’s also a MUCH more affordable solution to protecting the column itself compared to diamond plate. 

Close up of Ideal Shield's plastic Column Wrap

Close up of Ideal Shield’s plastic Square Column Wrap. 

Ideal Shield's Round Column Wraps in a grocery store.

Ideal Shield’s Round Column Wraps in a grocery store.

2. Color Match for Emergency Equipment 

When emergencies happen, guidance matters. That is where the Column Wraps can help. With the ability to custom color the Column Wraps, grocery stores can pair specific emergency equipment with a Column Wrap that helps guide workers or customers to the proper place. 

That includes putting red Column Wraps on every column that has a hanging Fire Extinguisher or putting yellow Column Wraps on posts that have AED Defibrillators. The color options are endless and can be ordered specially through Ideal Shield to meet emergency needs or branding needs.  

Ideal Shield's Red Column Wraps with Fire Extinguisher

Ideal Shield’s Red Column Wraps with Fire Extinguisher

3. Maximize Visibility & Limit Damage

Visibility is important in grocery stores, especially the bigger box stores, since customers are normally keeping their eyes on the product shelves and not quite as much as their walking path. You see a lot of stores with just white columns that blend into the rest of the store and are consistently hit and dinged by shopping carts, flatbed carts, and strollers. That just means more maintenance work for the store. 

Adding colorful Column Wraps immediately improves the visibility for customers and will also immediately limit damage done by customer’s carts. This will eliminate the maintenance costs while also limiting accidents in the aisleways for shoppers. 

Ideal Shield's Column Wraps can be stacked to mix colors and extend protection

Ideal Shield’s Column Wraps can be stacked to mix colors and extend protection

By incorporating plastic Column Wraps into their safety measures, grocery stores can create a safer environment for both customers and staff, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries while also enhancing the overall appearance of the space.

For more information on the best plastic Column Wraps on the market, contact the experienced and knowledgeable sales team here at Ideal Shield!