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Add Accent Lighting, Illuminate Walking Paths with Lighted Bollard Covers

Whether it’s the middle of the winter or the summer nights, having well-lit walking paths is very important. That includes schools, businesses, restaurants, campuses, or any landscaping that could use a pop. Making it more visible for the individuals and making it safer for everyone around will only improve your property. And there isn’t a better, more cost-effective way of doing so than adding our Lighted Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s long-lasting Lighted Bollard Covers are available in two different installation options: UV Lighted and Hardwired Lighted. Both give off adequate lighting to meet your walkway path needs though the UV Lighted cover is a much simpler installation process Both options are available in any color imaginable to meet your branding needs and are made from HDPE plastic, meaning you’ll never have to paint them. 

Both the Hardwired and Ultra Violet Powered options fit over 6” pipe and are made of 1/4” nominal wall thickness polyethylene thermoplastic (LDPE).

The difference between the two Lighted Cover options outside of the installation process is the light casing and average life hours. The Hardwired features a dome top with frosted light glass and has an average life of 40,000 hours while the UV Cover features a flat top with a clear acrylic light glass casing and has an average life of 175,000 hours. 

Ideal Shield's Hardwired Lighted Bollard Covers at night

Ideal Shield’s Hardwired Lighted Bollard Covers at night

Live in a place that doesn’t get a ton of sun but you’re looking to add the UV Lighted Cover? No worries, our UV Powered Lighted Bollard Covers recharge with UV rays, even on cloudy days. So, you’ll never have to worry about the light not being charged when darkness falls on the day. 

There are plenty of lighting options on the market for walking pathways and accent lighting but there aren’t many products that can do it all like our Lighted Bollard Covers. For more information, please contact our experienced sales team today to learn about our Lighted Cover and the rest of our Bollard Cover options!