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Add Extended Warehouse Protection with the New Barrier Guardrail

Protection in the warehouse is critical. From the expensive machinery and mechanisms to the walk-through and storage areas, having elite protection is key to keeping your people safe, your assets guarded, and your operations up and running. But finding high quality guarding that can be extended throughout the facility can be difficult. Or at least it was. 

Introducing the new and improved Barrier Guardrail

The Barrier Guardrail is the latest industrial guardrail design from Ideal Shield that will offer customers all over North America the ability to install continuous runs of elite guardrail protection wherever necessary. Unlike comparable guard railing options, the Barrier Guardrail is available in multiple design options including Standard or Heavy Duty strength levels as well as One-Line or Two-Line designs for specific height protection.

To ensure consistent protection, the Barrier Guardrail is also designed to be one continuous run without open sections between the rails which means zero vulnerabilities when forklift drivers are operating near critical assets. 

But the extended design isn’t the only feature that sets Barrier Guardrail apart from its competitors. Unlike any other Ideal Shield Guardrail, the Barrier Guardrail is also available in individual components to allow your team to install protection for exact facility needs or add on to your existing Barrier Guardrail. 

Like all Ideal Shield industrial guardrails, the Barrier Guardrail is made from schedule 40/80 U.S. Steel sleeved with HDPE plastic, which will limit maintenance costs as the guardrail will never need to be painted and can be re-sleeved after damaging impacts, if necessary. Standard installation is with surface-mounted base plates though custom options are available if you’re looking for a cored installation for stronger applications. 

Whether it’s protecting long runs of the warehouse or protecting turns and corners, the Barrier Guardrail will protect your facility’s most critical assets against forklift collisions better than any corrugated guardrail option on the market. 

For more information on the available design options and how the Barrier Guardrail can fit in your facility, contact our experienced sales and engineering team today