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Add Protection to Garage Doors with Guardrail Swing Gates

In today’s world, the security of our homes and businesses is paramount. One often overlooked aspect of this security is the protection of garage doors from vehicle break-ins. According to CEPRO, 9% of home burglaries happen through the garage door, making it the 4th most likely location for criminal entrance. It’s a vulnerable spot that needs some added protection, especially for homes or businesses with high priced items secured inside. Luckily, there are helpful solutions to add another layer of protection including the Ideal Shield Guardrail Gates.

First off, to know how to protect an asset, you need to understand why it’s necessary.

Vehicle break-ins targeting garage doors are a common tactic used by intruders. These break-ins can be executed through ramming, prying, or other forceful methods, leading to significant property damage and potential theft. For homeowners, this means the loss of valuable items and a breach of their personal space. For businesses, it can result in operational disruptions and financial losses. Understanding these risks underscores the importance of effective preventive measures, like adding in a Guardrail Swing Gate from Ideal Shield. 

Ideal Shield's Guardrail Gate used for garage protection Ideal Shield's Swinging Guardrail Gate used for garage protection

Made from 100% American-made materials including U.S. steel pipe, the Guardrail Gates have a robust design that will add that extra layer of protection behind any garage door. The design features a heavy-duty locking mechanism to keep the gate closed and secure but can easily be operated to swing open when you need access to the garage. While not designed or tested to stop a full-sized motor vehicle, the Guardrail Gates are robust solutions that are designed to stop full-sized forklifts. 

Like all of Ideal Shield’s industrial-strength Guardrail solutions, the Guardrail Gate can be custom designed and fabricated to meet garage door dimensions perfectly, making it easy to use and does not get in the way of production or access to the garage itself for employees or residents. 

Investing in added protection for garage doors is a smart move for anyone looking to enhance their business or personal property’s security. These industrial-strength Guardrail Gates offer robust protection against vehicle break-ins.  Additionally, their durability and low maintenance make them a cost-effective solution. Don’t wait for a break-in to realize the importance of securing your garage doors—contact the experienced and knowledgeable team here at Ideal Shield to learn more about our facility protection products.