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After Costly Storefront Crash, Local Rite Aid Adds Protective Bollards

Storefront crashes have continued to be an epidemic here in the United States and all around the world. Driver mistakes and pedal errors continue to be the biggest problem and it was the issue back in July when a driver accidentally crashed into the side of a Rite Aid pharmacy in Plymouth, Michigan.

Though the car didn’t go completely through the building and the wall didn’t collapse, the collision was impactful enough to put a hole through the brick wall and do extensive damage to the interior display wall.

Storefront crash at Rite Aid in Plymouth, MI

Storefront crash at Rite Aid in Plymouth, MI

Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage was done. And the accident was far from the worse storefront crash that month. It was extremely costly and something Rite Aid clearly doesn’t want to deal with again. The owner of that pharmacy said “no more” and secured the storefront by installing around 40 new bollards all around the store. 

Closely spaced steel pipe bollards and bollard covers now line the storefront and sides of this Rite Aid, greatly limiting the chances another accident happens. And even though there is now a “fortress” look with the amount of protection, the addition of the Ideal Shield Bollard Covers to each new bollard post and existing handicap accessible parking signs look very sleek and clean, keeping it uniform throughout. 

Rite Aid in Plymouth, MI following accident - added bollards and fixed damage.

Rite Aid in Plymouth, MI following accident – added bollards and fixed damage.

Though the exterior wall is fixed and the bollards have been installed, the interior of this Rite Aid is still a work in progress. As you can see in the picture above, there is still a lot of work to be done for this pharmacy to be full operation again, meaning the cost of this accident continues to rise.

When stores, like Rite Aid, have to close down sections of the store for months, it costs thousands in potential sales. Add in the cost of the damage, the repairs, product replacement, the insurance, and the time it took to get everything back in order, paying a couple of thousand dollars for new storefront protection bollards and bumper post sleeves is well worth the price tag. 

If you’re looking to install storefront protection bollards and bollard covers, contact us today at Ideal Shield. Our Storefront Bollards and Crash Rated Bollards will help protect your business from storefront crash accidents, while our wide array of brand-friendly customizable bollard covers will have your business looking as good as ever.