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Avoid the Scares, Safeguard Critical Assets with Storage Rack Guards

The spooky season is here and that means much more than ghosts and goblins. As we head into the holiday seasons, workers can be more distracted than other times of the year. Add in the COVID pandemic going on around the globe and minds can be focused on more than just the task at hand.

That is why it’s important to safeguard your facilities just in case of an accident and Ideal Shield’s highly rated Rack Guard is the right railing for the job. 

Ideal Shield's Rack Guard

Ideal Shield’s Rack Guard

One of the most common areas of accidents on the shop floor can happen where most of the money is sitting and that’s the storage area. Pallet racks are critical assets that keep products, parts, resources, and more out of harm’s way. However, these storage structures have had a long history of collapse following accidental forklift impacts. 

The amount of money in damages and time let alone lost material is enough to scare any business owner or facility manager. So, add in some heavy-duty protection to ensure those bumps don’t turn into nightmares. 

Ideal Shield’s Rack Guards are designed to withstand impacts from forklifts. Made from U.S. steel pipe and sleeved in HDPE plastic, the Rack Guards can be installed by either a simple Core & Drop process or the standard surface mounted base plate. Knowing not all shop floors or storage racks are exactly the same, you can design the guardrail to meet the exact dimensions of your end of rack and rack corner protection needs. 

Safeguarding your storage is important. Don’t forget about it before it’s too late and you made a mistake. Contact the Ideal Shield sales team today to learn more about our Rack Guard system as well as our Steel Rack Guards for in-between the rack protection.