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Be Ready for the Return to Work with Portable Signage & Sanitizer Stands

The world is slowly starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel of the Coronavirus pandemic and in not too long, more and more people will start heading back to work. Going back into offices and classrooms, heading back to job sites and factories. But one thing that will still be important for the foreseeable future is distancing and proper sanitization. 

So, if your offices, warehouses, or campuses are starting to think about getting back to work, it’ll be important to be ready with proper signage and sanitizing stations throughout your facilities. 

Ideal Shield offers a wide array of standup signage and dispenser options including plastic and steel bases to fit your exact needs. 

Portable Plastic Sign Bases 

Easy to install, easy to maneuver. Our portable sign bases are one of our most popular products as it is the ideal sign base solutions for interior or exterior needs including stand up hand sanitizer stands, informative or directional signage, or curbside pickup signage. We have standard colors available but can also match any color imaginable upon request. 

Ideal Shield's Portable Sign Base

Ideal Shield’s Portable Sign Base with wheels

Permanent Plastic Sign Bases 

If you’re looking for a plastic base that can be bolted down to ensure its stability and location, our Octagon Sign Base is just the thing. Add it to your offices, shop floors, storefronts, or parking lots easily and immediately upgrade your signage. 

v\Ideal Shield's Octagon Sign Base

Ideal Shield’s Octagon Sign Base

Sanitizer Stands 

Hand sanitizer has become one of the most important items for any office or business going back to work. So it’s important to have dispensers and stands readily available throughout to make sure your employees remain safe. That is why we created two new Sanitizer Stand options as well as two dispenser holder options that’ll meet your needs. 

Ideal Shield's Sanitizer Stand with Mount for dispenser

Ideal Shield’s Sanitizer Stand with Mount for dispenser

The base of the standup sign or dispenser is key but there’s a lot more that goes into the system and we have those accessories for your convenience including different color signposts, simple post bases, standup sanitizer dispensers, wall mounts, COVID-19 signs, custom signs, sign brackets, custom decals and more. 

If you’re looking to build your ideal sign base with different bases, signposts, and accessories, check out the Ideal Shield Build-A-Base Workshop

For more information on our sign bases and dispenser options, contact our experienced sales team today!