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Bundle & Save on Bollards at Ideal Shield

In a world where everything from cars to cheeseburgers have dramatically jumped in price over the last 5 years, we here are Ideal Shield are looking to help you save some money. That has been a goal of ours since our inception as our products are designed to save money on maintenance and painting costs, as well as save on potential damages or downtime in shops. But we’re here with another way to help you save and that is by simply bundling your Bollards and Bollard Covers into one purchase. 

Bollards and Bollard Covers go together like shoes and shoelaces. One needs the other to be the best version of itself so why not buy them together? 

Saving money is the key aspect here. However, there are actually more benefits to the Bollard & Cover Bundle from Ideal Shield: 

Enhanced Protection: Bollard protection is obvious. Whether it’s for a drive-thru lane, an office parking lot, retail storefront, or in-plant machinery protection, high quality bollards can save you thousands of dollars from potential damages. But the Bollard Covers also enhance the protection as the plastic sleeve will protect the pipe from minor impacts, weathering, and corrosion. Bundling the Bollards and Bollard Covers together ensures comprehensive protection, prolonging the lifespan and maintaining structural integrity.

Uniform Appearance: By bundling Bollards and Covers together, you can ensure a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look throughout your property or facility. The uniform appearance contributes to the overall visual appeal of your business, plant, or parking lot. 

Simplified Maintenance: If it’s all about savings, the future maintenance costs can be cut down dramatically by installing new Bollards instead of just covering busted and rusted pipes, or installing the Bollard Covers at the same time as installing the Bollards. This will ensure the pipe maintains protection the entire time instead of allowing weather or other potential damages to happen before realizing the need for Bollard Covers. Streamline your maintenance efforts with the Bollard Bundle. 

Not all manufacturers or sellers offer discounts on Bollards and Bollard Covers. But here at Ideal Shield, we want to make sure you project is perfect and your protection is even better. Contact our experienced sales team today to learn about the discount pricing you can get from purchasing Bollards with your Bollard Covers or your Bollard Covers with your Bollards.