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Competition Crushed by Polar Bears

We’ve all heard of a Kong, right? It’s the indestructible rubber toy that dog owners fill with peanut butter to keep their pets busy for hours at a time.

Well, Ideal Shield’s patented bumper post sleeve has passed the polar bear test in a very similar way. You think dogs are strong? A polar bear is number 8 on the top ten animals with the strongest bite, according to Science Focus. At 1200 pounds per square inch, not much can survive an attack by one of these massive bears, but our bumper post sleeves did!


SEa World3

The bears can get lazy and don’t want to come out to see their guests, so the folks at Sea World decided to freeze fish and other goodies inside of bollard covers to give them something to do – just like a giant Kong. Hey, polar bears need toys, too!
Tastes a Little Thin 2

As you can see, the bears smashed the competition and quickly discarded it…
Bears Sleeve2

… but they are still playing with Ideal Shield’s durable cover!
Bears Sleeve3 (1)