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Concrete is Not Ideal for Sign Bases

More and more companies are veering away from concrete when installing or replacing sign bases. And how can you blame them? Concrete is heavy, ugly, expensive to ship, difficult to move, and it crumbles into an unsightly mess after a couple of years of wear and tear. It’s far from the ideal sign base material. 

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Concrete degrades over time, as anyone who has ever complained about potholes in the roads is aware. There are numerous causes of concrete degradation; weather conditions, road salt, structural damage from impact, chemicals. The list of concerns goes on.

On the other hand, Ideal Shield’s Sign Bases are made from recycled polyethylene plastic. This gives the item and your parking lot a much cleaner, aesthetically appealing look. 

But that’s not all. 

The list of benefits is a long one: 

-Lightweight means easier maneuvering for employees and lower shipping costs

-Simple and easy to install to limit costs

-Portable option to make your employee’s lives easier

-You can have pallets shipped to you instead of paying a monstrous freight bill for concrete

-Doesn’t break down like concrete

-Doesn’t require maintenance

-Available in any color to match your branding needs

-Feel good knowing that you’re using a recycled product

Like I said…

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Bases at Lowe's Curbside Pickup Locations

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Bases at Lowe’s Curbside Pickup Locations

Much more appealing! And both of these products, as with all products from Ideal Shield, will look new for many years to come. 

vs concrete

If you’re looking to replace old concrete sign bases or are looking for a better alternative, contact Ideal Shield today for more information on our Portable Sign Bases, Permanent Sign Bases, and the rest of our Sign System options