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Dierbergs Supermarkets Using Ideal Shield Sign Bases for Curbside Pickup

Dierbergs is a St. Louis-based supermarket with 25 locations throughout Missouri and Illinois. It has been a go-to grocery shopping location for locals and fellow Midwesterners since 1854, meaning the family brand has seen every shopping trend there has been over the last 165 years. So, when the company decided to stay up to date with the needs of its customers and add curbside pickup services this summer, they went to another Midwest family-owned company that’s been around for quite a while: Ideal Shield

Pairing their curbside services with Shipt, Dierbergs now offers “Dierbergs Delivered Fresh” same-day delivery or pick-up. This new feature allows its customers the chance to order their groceries ahead of time and either have them delivered by a Shipt courier or simply pick them up at the store.

From the Dierbergs press release

Shipt members can build a shopping list, select their preferred Dierbergs store for pickup, and drive to that location and park in a designated Curbside Pickup parking space. Shipt Shoppers take care of hand picking, bagging and loading the order into the customer’s vehicle in as soon as one hour, communicating with the member in real time every step of the way.

To make sure customers arrive at the correct location, the company wanted to make sure they had standout signage at their designated parking spots that would guide their customers. That is why they went with the bold but fresh lime green Sign Bases with gray posts to match their lime green and gray signs. 

[Photo: Shipt shopper bringing groceries out to a customer curbside at a Dierbergs store.]

Whether it’s a global brand, like McDonald’s, or a regional brand, like Dierbergs, Ideal Shield not only has the perfect product for curbside pickup services but its sales, shipping, and manufacturing teams are more than well equipped to handle company or corporate rollouts of any size.

For more information on our versatile and customizable Sign Bases or any of our other facility maintenance solutions, please contact our experienced sales team today.