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Don’t Crack Your Rack: Add Plastic Rack Guards to your Pallet Racks

Have you been looking to improve the protection of the pallet racks in your warehouse? You may already have rack guardrail in place around the ends of your pallet rack aisles but the uprights for each individual section of the rack are still vulnerable. which means an accident could be just waiting to happen. That is why we suggest adding our Plastic Rack Guards to shield against minor contact to your pallet racks. 

Ideal Shield's Plastic Rack Guard

Ideal Shield’s Plastic Rack Guard

Ideal Shield's Plastic Rack Guard

Ideal Shield’s Plastic Rack Guard gap absorbs minor contact.

Made from recycled HDPE plastic, our Plastic Rack Guard is a lightweight but durable piece of protection that is designed to absorb minor contact from Hi-Lo forklifts or pallet jacks. Available in 12″, 18″ and 24″ options, the design is maintenance-free and made to be easily installed, which can save time for your employees during installation and the fact that you’ll never have to paint the rack guards again.

Once properly installed, the Plastic Rack Guards can provide enough protection to stop a minor bumping accident from turning into thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Without any protection to your pallet racks, the potential for damaged uprights increases which will make a huge accident, like the one below, much more possible: 

All it takes is a hard-enough bump with a forklift and you’ll have a big, expensive mess on your hands. So, why risk it? 

If you’re interested in adding more protection to your warehouse’s pallet racks, contact us today! Our experienced sales team can provide you with the proper protection with our limited-time-only Plastic Rack Guard, for minor accidents, and/or our heavy-duty steel and plastic Rack Guard, which is made to withstand much more of an impact.