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Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape, Add Flexible Bollards & Signs

In today’s ever-so-changing world, we thrive on adapting, flexing, and growing. People are pushing for an increase in flexibility, and Ideal Shield flexes with it. We want to provide you with products that move and bend as much as you do.

Ideal Shield’s line of flexible products limit damage to your vehicles and/or forklifts as well as limit damage to concrete flooring upon impact. With quick and easy installation and 100% American-Made material, Ideal Shield will provide you with the highest quality, most durable flexible products on the market.

Bounce Back Bollards

Ideal Shield’s flexible and durable Bounce Back Bollards are perfect for high traffic forklift areas to protect your assets in your facility, warehouse or plant. It’s specifically designed to stop a 10,000 lbs. vehicle at 5mph and reduces the damage of impact on the forklift, the bollard, and the flooring by flexing up to 18 degrees upon impact. 

Flexible Bollards

While not quite as strong as the Bounce Back Bollard, Ideal Shield’s Flexible Bollards from FlexPost have 360 degrees of flexibility providing extra protection in any location, that helps manage pedestrian and traffic flow. The Standard and Heavy Duty Flexible Bollards are designed to act as a warning for vehicle operators and help protect parking spots, parking assets, or buildings.

Dealing with excessive amounts of damage from parking vehicles? The Heavy-Duty Flexible Bollards come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. 

Ideal Shield's Flexible Bollard - Watermarked

Ideal Shield’s Flexible Bollard upon impact. 

Flexible Sign Systems

Ideal Shield’s Flexible Sign Systems from FlexPost are specifically designed to limit damage to your signage, surfaces and vehicles. Just like with our Flexible Bollards, Ideal Shield offers two FlexPost Sign System options (Standard and Heavy-Duty) that will meet the needs of your specific parking situation. Add the Standard for lots that do not deal with a lot of damage or traffic while the Heavy Duty can standup to high traffic lots. 

Ideal Shield's Flexible Sign System

Ideal Shield’s Flexible Sign System upon impact.

FlexPost Sign Sticks

Are you tired of broken sign posts altering your property’s appearance? With the Flexible Sign Stick from FlexPost, you’ll never have this concern again. It has 360 degrees of flexibility that absorbs shock upon impact, meaning less damage to vehicles, signposts, and the ground. You’ll save money on maintenance as well as the install is quick and easy making it the perfect product for any parking lot. 

Ideal Shield's Flexible Sign Stick

Ideal Shield’s Flexible Sign Stick upon impact.

Bounce Back Guardrail

One of the newest products to the Ideal Shield product catalog is one of our most innovative in years. The Bounce Back Guardrail is designed to stop a full-sized forklift at 4mph and can flex up to 18 degrees, limiting damage to the forklift, the anchors and the flooring. Perfect for asset protection and forklift traffic control, ask our team about what the new flexible industrial guardrail can do for you! 

Ideal Shield's Bounce Back Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Bounce Back Guardrail.

Life is always easier when you’re a little flexible. If you’re looking to add a little flex to your facility protection, contact the Ideal Shield sales team today to learn which products may be best for your needs.