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Fabric Bollard Covers Will Give Your Pipes Candy Cane Stripes

As the mercury begins to drop and the jingle bells begin to sound, it only means one thing: The holiday season is fast approaching. So, that means it’s time to get your businesses, storefronts, and campuses ready for the most joyous season of the year. 

Adding lights to the trees and candles to the windows is always a good touch. But if you’re really looking to take your property to the next level this year and show off that festive spirit, we suggest adding our Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield's Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers at a Walmart storefront.

Ideal Shield's Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers outside of a car parts warehouse. 

Designed to stretch and slide over the top of your bollard posts, with or without smooth plastic bollard covers, our AdShield Fabric Bollard Covers are made from spandex-like fabric and fit comfortably over 6″ x 59″ bollards or posts. In a matter of seconds, these fabric bollard sleeves can be installed and transform your storefront into a holiday wonderland that’ll catch everyone’s attention. 

Living in a northern state that has to deal with snow, sleet, and salt throughout the season? Don’t worry! Our Fabric Bollard Covers are UV protected from sun damage and machine washable by just turning the sleeve inside out with some nonabrasive detergent and cold water on a delicate cycle and, voilà, your fabric covers will be clean and ready to go after a season of snow.

Ideal Shield’s Candy Cane fabric bollard covers give fire hydrant posts a festive look.  

Here at Ideal Shield, we offer the Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers to bring out the holiday season but we also have Valentine’s Day Hearts and American Flag Fabric Bollard Covers as well as the ability to create a custom design to fit your exact wants and needs. Package them together for a great gift for your own property or to a professional colleague. 

For more information on our AdShield Fabric Bollard Covers or our long line of Plastic Bollard Cover options, please feel free to contact us today so we can help give your property a cleaner, more appealing look for an affordable price!