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How to Properly Install Your Sign Bases

Your Ideal Shield Portable Pyramid Sign Bases have just arrived and you’re obviously excited, but now what?

It’s very important that you make sure to properly install the hardware and fill your sign base, ensuring it performs up to expectations and becomes an eye-catching feature to your property. To make sure that happens, we’re here to lend a helping hand with our quick and easy installation process and different base-filling options to ensure your portable Sign Bases perform correctly: 

Wheels and Sign Post Installation

1. Wheels can be easily installed with a screwdriver or power drill. 

2. Insert the sign pole, making sure that it’s in line with the base’s interior nub.

3. Using two, 3/16” Allen Wrenches (not included), insert the screw in the designated hole at the top of the base.

Sign Bracket & Filling Instructions 

1. Move to a designated location before filling.

2. Remove the cap on top of Sign Base and fill with chosen filler: 

-Water (if in a freeze zone, fill only 2/3 full) 

-Water & Base Gel (if in a freeze zone, fill only 2/3 full) 

-Pea Gravel 



3. Once filled, replace the cap on top of sign base.


Our sign bases can be filled with water, pea gravel, sand, concrete or Ideal Shield’s gel base, as indicated above. Whatever your specific need is, there’s a right filler for your bases. 

Looking to easily move the base when necessary? You’ll want to look into the portable sign base option as the wheels will allow for employees to move the base around, regardless of the filler.

For example, here in Michigan, with all the unpredictable snow and cold weather, it’s important not to fill the sign base to capacity because it will expand in freezing conditions. If the bases will be in freezing conditions, first fill the sign base with 16 gallons of water and then add in the base gel. The addition of Ideal Shield’s gel base in the water will help with splash resistance and can last up to 7 years withstanding freeze-thaw cycles. 

If you choose to fill with sand instead of water, you won’t need to worry about evaporation at all. Sand is also about 45% denser than water, so if you decide to use sand, the sign will be heavier than the water-filled option. 

Using the sign bases in high traffic areas? You may want to go with a heavier fill, though as long as the base is properly filled, it will be able to withstand the traffic or wind.

For more information on our portable sign bases and how to properly install and fill them, please contact us today at Ideal Shield. We’ll be happy to walk you through the steps and explain the solutions to any issues you may be having.