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Flexible Bollards Improve Protection, Limit Vehicle Impact Damage

Have you ever been navigating through a parking lot or drive-thru and accidentally hit one of those naked delineator bollard posts? It’s something that is all too common for everyday drivers as it can happen very quickly.

Whether it’s from not paying attention for a half-second to glance down at the phone or cutting a turn a little too close when trying to reach the payment window, the scratch, scrap and/or crunch sound from the collision is something that hurts both the mind and wallet. And that’s before you’ve even seen the damage that has been done. 

But should someone’s car be damaged this badly because of a quick lapse of judgement while pulling into the parking lot at work or while picking up dinner for the family from a drive-thru window? 

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Photo Credit: CarTouchUpServices.com

At Ideal Shield, we’re all about forgiveness. As are our Flexpost bollards, which will “forgive” drivers for accidentally bumping or scraping up against the posts, without receiving an expensive bill from the auto repair shop.

Giving off the same clean, aesthetically appealing, professional look as our standard bollards, our flexible bollards allow for 360° movement, which allows the bollard to give when contacted. This feature drastically limits damage to vehicles, while also giving the driver a warning sign when exceeding a parking space or veering out of their lane a bit. 

But that’s not all our innovative flexible bollards bring to the table. 

For store and facility owners looking for the protection of a bollard post but are unable to permanently install it because of soil questions, distance issues or for those that are looking for a non-permanent product, this product is the perfect fit. Thanks to the surface mount, the bollard can be bolted down into asphalt or concrete without having to deal with the drop-in/core drilling installation, like with standard bollard posts. 

Ideal Advantage

Maintenance free product; never paint again

360° of flexibility eliminates costly damage to cars and parking lots

Easy installation, no special tools required

Withstands high wind speeds of over 75 mph

Corporate logo graphics option available

Available in any color

Also available in both standard bollard posts and bollard sign systems 

So, if you’re a business or facility manager looking to improve the look and safety of your parking lot or driveways, while also looking to limit the chances of accidents for your employees or customers, the Ideal Shield Flexpost bollard is the perfect product for you. 

For more information on our flexible bollards or any of our other parking lot or facility protection products, please feel free to contact us today at 866-825-8659