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Fold Down Bollards Offer Temporary Access to Service Vehicles

Temporary access areas are important for public safety. There are plenty of pedestrian-friendly areas that are both in need of easy access as well as protection from potential vehicle accidents or attacks. It’s a sad truth that we all have to live with but it’s much better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to overpopulated gathering areas or areas that need service vehicles to access for business or emergency needs. That is why it’s both smart and cost-effective to add Fold Down Bollards to your temporary access areas. 

Known as our Collapsible Bollards, these fold down barriers are available in both 4″ and 6″ applications and are made from schedule 40 U.S. steel pipe and base plate. The steel pipe is available to be covered in just about any of our Bollard Cover options, which will give it a much cleaner look for any application. 

Ideal Shield's Collapsible Locking Bollard

Ideal Shield’s Collapsible Locking Bollard

As for how these Fold Down Bollards function, once installed, the bollard can be collapsed in a matter of seconds by simply removing the lock, lifting the post an inch out of placement, and leaning it down to the ground. When grounded, the highest piece of the 4″ bollard system will be 6.5” tall,  which will allow service vehicles, trucks, and vans to clear it with ease.

When standing upright, standard height to the top of the Bollard Cover dome top is 42″. But if you’re looking for specific sizes to fit your exact project, customizations are available upon request.

Finding the proper bollard can be difficult. Each job, project, and location has a specific bollard or barrier need. That is why we here at Ideal Shield pride ourselves on being a go-to spot for steel pipe bollards and bollard configurations, including our Collapsible Fold Down Bollards. We also offer Removable Bollards, Storefront Bollards, Crash Rated Bollards, and Flexible Bollards.

For more information on our Collapsible Bollard and all of our other bollard options, make sure to contact our experienced sales team today!