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Forklift Safety Day 2023: How to Keep Forklift Drivers & Assets Protected

Did you know that forklift accidents are very common and if not handled properly, can result in severe injuries and fatalities? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), on average, 95 people are seriously injured in a forklift accident every day, and one person is killed in a forklift accident every four days in the United States alone.

Surprising, right?

Having adequate protection in place can help prevent serious accidents in your facility. With National Forklift Safety Day quickly approaching, there’s no better time to add forklift safety measures to your facility than now!

Forklift Safety Day is a spotlight during National Safety Month to highlight the safe use of forklifts, the value of operator training, and the need for daily equipment checks.

As Ideal Shield is a leader in facility maintenance and protection products, we’ve got you covered for all of your forklift safety needs.


Goal Post Guardrail

From safeguarding overhead dock doors, cold storage doors, or storage rack aisleways, Ideal Shield’s forklift-friendly Goal Post Guardrail can protect your facility doors against any mistakes and prevent expensive damage. Our Goal Post Guardrail also comes with add-ons like Installation Embed Spools, Heavy-Duty Base Plates, and Motion Sensor options for presence and motion detection at your dock doors.

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrail at material handling facility

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail at material handling facility.

Safety Wall Guardrail

Looking for a cost-effective method to protect your storage stacks from forklift impacts and keep heavy top-shelf items where they belong? Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail is the perfect solution for you. We know that not every wall is the same which is why our customizable and versatile guardrail solutions can be built to the ceiling for vertical protection as well as horizontal protection, no matter the space.

The Safety Wall Guardrail is ideal for open-air foundation wall alternatives or for lining and protecting storage racks, pallets, and crates from forklift loading errors.

Industrial Guardrail

Available in both Standard and Heavy-Duty options, Ideal Shield’s Guardrail solutions are offered in core and base-plated applications to meet your facility needs. When cored, the Standard Guardrail is engineer tested to withstand multiple impacts from a 12,000 lbs. forklift traveling 4mph while the Heavy-Duty is engineer tested to withstand multiple collisions from 12,000 lbs. forklift when traveling 8mph.

Ideal Shield’s Industrial Guardrail used to create forklift path in facility.

Ideal Shield's Heavy Duty Guardrail and Dock Door Goal Posts for a cold storage facility

Ideal Shield’s Heavy Duty Guardrail and Dock Door Goal Posts for a cold storage facility.

Flexible Guardrail 

Looking for some flexibility upon impact? Our Bounce Back Guardrail is designed to absorb contact from a full-sized forklift traveling at 4mph and will flex up to 18 degrees before returning to its upright shape. This not only limits damage to forklifts but also to the anchors and concrete.

Ask more about the capabilities of our Bounce Back Guardrail.

Ideal Shield's Bounce Back Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Bounce Back Guardrail.

Guardrail Gates

If you’re looking to control forklift traffic, our Industrial Guardrail Swing Gates available in both standard and Heavy-Duty options, help ensure the safety of your workers as well as provide temporary access to certain areas.

Ideal Shield's HD Guardrail Swing Gate with the Side Slide locking mechanism

Ideal Shield’s HD Guardrail Swing Gate with the Side Slide locking mechanism.

Rack Guardrail

Many storage structures which have pallet racks that are critical to keeping products, parts, and resources secure have been long-time victims of forklift accidents. Don’t let potential collisions get the best of your facility. Our Rack Guardrail is engineer tested to withstand multiple forklift impacts and can be designed specifically for your project. Made with rounded end posts help deflect impacts and minimal give on collision which maximizes floor space.

Watch our One-Line Rack Guard Forklift Crash Test below!

Bounce Back Bollards

Similar to the Bounce Back Guardrail, Ideal Shield’s Bounce Back Bollard is designed to absorb the energy from 10,000 lbs. forklift impact at 5 mph. and deflect up to 18 degrees before returning to upright form, which limits damage to the bollard, the concrete, the forklift and most importantly, the forklift driver.

Great for high-traffic forklift areas and machine guarding, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re interested in Forklift Safety Day event details, please visit the Industrial Truck Association’s website to register to attend virtually or learn more about in-person event opportunities.

While Forklift Safety Day is celebrated once a year, that doesn’t mean it’s not a year-long effort. Safety should remain a top priority every day. Ensure your forklift drivers are well trained and your facilities are properly protected with the industry’s best forklift safety solutions. Contact Ideal Shield today to learn more about our facility maintenance and safety products!