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Forklift Safety Month: How to Protect Electric Forklift Battery Chargers

June is National Forklift Safety Month and as an industry leader in facility maintenance and protection products, we want to ensure our customers and readers are well-versed in the latest forklift safety news and standards. 

As the world transitions to electric powered vehicles to improve environmental sustainability, the industrial setting has been moving that way for the past decade. According to Grand View Research, electric forklifts account for 73.15% of the market in 2023 and it’s only expected to grow. Per their reports, the electric forklift market size in the United States was valued at $9.11 billion in 2023 and is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.0% from 2024-2030. That means the heavy majority of industrial plants, manufacturing centers, and distribution facilities will be using electric forklifts over the next decade and into the future. 

With the increase in electric forklifts comes the increase in forklift battery charging stations. Damage to these chargers can cause operational delays, increase maintenance costs, and pose a risk to employee safety. By understanding these risks, businesses can take proactive measures to protect their equipment.

Here’s how to avoid costly repairs and operational downtime by protecting your electric forklift battery chargers with industrial-strength guardrail protection. 

Physical Barrier and Impact Resistance

Industrial guardrails serve as a physical barrier between forklifts and battery charging stations. Made from high-strength material, industrial guardrails are designed to absorb and deflect the impact of collisions. By installing guardrails around electric forklift battery chargers, facilities can prevent direct hits that could damage the chargers and compromise their functionality.

Ideal Shield's Low Boy Industrial Guardrail for Electric Forklift Charging Station protection

Ideal Shield’s Low Boy Industrial Guardrail for electric forklift charging station protection.

Enhancing Safety and Reducing Accidents

Guardrails contribute significantly to overall workplace safety. By delineating safe zones and restricted areas, they guide forklift operators and prevent accidents. Forklift operators are less likely to collide with battery chargers or other sensitive equipment when there are clear barriers in place. This not only protects the equipment but also reduces the risk of injuries to workers, contributing to a safer working environment.

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrail protecting overhead doorways and Guardrail protecting Electric Forklift Charging Stations.

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail protecting pass through doorways and Heavy Duty Guardrail protecting forklift charging stations.

Cost Savings Through Damage Prevention

The cost of repairing or replacing damaged electric forklift battery chargers can be substantial. Additionally, operational downtime resulting from such damage can lead to significant productivity losses. By investing in industrial guardrails, businesses can mitigate these risks. The upfront cost of installing guardrails is far outweighed by the savings from avoided equipment damage and the associated downtime.

Forklift crash testing Ideal Shield's Heavy Duty Guardrail

Forklift crash testing Ideal Shield’s Heavy Duty Guardrail.

Industrial guardrails are a vital safety feature in any industrial, manufacturing, or distribution setting, providing essential protection for electric forklift battery chargers. By acting as a physical barrier, enhancing safety, and preventing costly damage, guardrails contribute to a safer and more efficient workplace. 

Ideal Shield is home to the strongest industrial guardrail on the market. Focusing on true protection, Ideal Shield’s Guardrail solutions are made from U.S. steel and sleeved in durable plastic to eliminate painting and maintenance needs. Available in multiple styles and sizes to meet exact protection needs, contact the Ideal Shield team today to learn about the Guardrail options to protect your facility’s electric forklift battery chargers.