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Fowlerville Farms Storefront Crash Nearly Kills Restaurant Patrons

Another day, another storefront accident. But this time, it’s much closer to our backyard than most of the previous year’s accidents.

On Tuesday, January 3rd, the Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant in Fowlerville, Michigan was partially destroyed when a 75-year old woman mistook the brake for the gas pedal in her borrowed Jeep Grand Cherokee and accelerated 20+ feet into the dining area of the restaurant.

Photo Credit: Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant/Facebook
Photo Credit: Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant/Facebook

Check out the video of the accident here.

As you can see in the video, the driver nearly took out a table of restaurant patrons. However, she luckily just missed their booth and no one was injured in the car or in the restaurant. But it was much too close for comfort.

Accidents like this are happening at an alarming rate all around the country. That is why it’s time to do what’s possible to stop these wrecks and limit the possibility of loss of life by installing bollard posts around susceptible storefronts.

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For a reasonable price, store owners can protect their buildings, facilities and, most importantly, their customers using steel bollard pipes.

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