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Friends in Hi-Lo Places: Ideal Shield & Crown Lift Continue to Grow Relationship

The forklift industry is one of the largest, yet overlooked industries in the workforce. Each and every day, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of forklifts and hi-lo machines put in the work at factories, warehouses, shipping yards, etc., to keep the country and the world economy flowing. 

That is why it’s so important to keep these pieces of heavy-machinery guarded, as well as the people, facility and products around these vehicles protected from potential accidents.

Photo Credit: Crown Equipment

Photo Credit: Crown Equipment

All too often, we see and read about stories involving forklift accidents around facilities. From forklifts falling off of warehouse docks to operators accidentally bumping into racks and walls, causing thousands of dollars worth damage, protecting against these accidents is not only safety smart but it’s also financially smart. 

So, it only made sense that one of the largest forklift manufacturers and distributors in the world would look to the most reliable guardrail options on the market to help protect its customers from potential accidents. 

And there’s a main reason why, according to longtime Crown Lift Trucks’ Warehouse Solution Specialist in Pompano Beach, Mark Ryber. 

“Everything I have installed in the last 19 years is still in good condition.” 

That durability and reliability is one of the main aspects that separates Ideal Shield’s facility guarding products from its competitors. 

“Ideal Shield can take repeated impacts without damage.”, said Ryber. “If I quote bolt-together guardrail, it gets damaged on the first impact.” 

But that “durability and low cost of ownership”, that Ryber mentioned as main selling points to his customers, is far from the only features that Crown’s distributors like about Ideal Shield’s guardrail options.

According to Crown’s Warehouse Solutions Specialist in San Francisco, Corey Sheehan, the turn-key aspect of Ideal’s products is what stands out most. 

“I predominantly deal with pallet storage racking. We offer our customers a complete, turn-key, quote when we present, and that includes safety products. Mostly, end aisle guards. I found the beefier rackguard system with footplates to be competitive to the usual 2-piece wrap around style found at other vendors”, Sheehan said about Ideal Shield’s rack system guardrail. “With the units delivering already assembled and ready to install at the lengths I need, it makes that portion of the quoting process and installation much easier.” 

“So far, we have not had any problems with the units installed and our customers are very happy with the look.” 

Crown Lift Equipment is one of the most well known brands in the manufacturing industry as its wide array of material handling equipment can be found at 88% of Fortune 500 companies and 92% of Internet Retailer Top 50 E-Commerce companies in the United States.

Receiving ringing endorsements from two of Crown’s Warehouse Solutions Specialists is big. And, though the product can speak for itself, it was the relationships with the Ideal Shield sales team that opened the door for this relationship to begin. 

“I feel that my relationship with my Regional manager Richard Grove has been pleasant.”, said Sheehan. “He has always gotten my quotes back to me in a time frame previously agreed on.”

As for Ryber, he mentioned the entire Ideal Shield team as being “very helpful & professional”, which we pride ourselves on here in Southwest Detroit. 

Over its 20 years of business, Ideal Shield has continued to build the industry’s strongest guardrail and even stronger relationships. From Crown Lift, McDonald’s, Walmart and Chase to mom and pop shops all around the country, Ideal values those relationships and treats every customer and distributor the same. 

For more information on how to become an Ideal Shield dealer and/or to learn more about this innovative, minority family-owned company’s wide array of facility guarding products, contact us today. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team will answer any questions you may have on the subjects.