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Another Storefront Crash in Metro-Detroit

Driving in today’s world is much different than it was even 20 years ago. Thanks to cell phones, other technologies and the millions of distractions all around you at every turn, it’s easy to be distracted. And that’s when mistakes happen.

Sometimes your brain glitches for just a second, and that is all the time it takes for something like storefront crash this to happen: 


Another case of pedal confusion has struck the Metro Detroit area. Over the weekend, an SUV crashed into The Vitamin Shoppe’s storefront in Rochester Hills. You could say this was another great outcome because no injuries were reported, but that’s also a whole lot of damage to be repaired. A much higher cost than installing a few steel pipe bollards to prevent these accidents.

If all of these storefront crashes have happened just in the Metro Detroit area over the last week, can you wrap your head around the staggering number of nation wide occurrences? Many don’t have the same lucky outcome. A building is costly to repair and replace, but a human being is not replaceable. I cannot stress enough the importance of this responsibility that we have to the people around us, including the drivers who simply hit the wrong pedal.

If business and property owners hear the term steel pipe bollard and think it’s going to be an eyesore for their storefront, it doesn’t have to be. We can keep people safe, increase awareness, and make your storefront just as appealing as it was before – just not to the smash and grab thieves.




For more information on how Ideal Shield’s protective bollard systems can protect your place of business from a storefront crash, contact us today. 

Read the full news story here. Crash photo credit: BOB KRIZMANICH.