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Gray Guardrail Means Less Visible Dust, Debris and Damage

With forklifts buzzing around, heavy machinery running, and dock doors open for deliveries and fresh air, the heavy majority of warehouses and production facilities across the country tend to be filled with dust and debris. And that can get all over everything, including the industrial guardrail that is there for your protection. 

Forklift installing Ideal Shield's Gray Guardrail

Forklift installing Ideal Shield’s Gray Guardrail

Most warehouse guardrail is sleeved or painted yellow for visibility purposes. This can help forklift drivers and workers see the guardrail areas while maneuvering around the shop. However, that doesn’t stop accidents from happening, which is why the guardrail is there in the first place. 

But over time, the guardrail will collect dust and debris, and if it’s doing its job, some scratches and other damage from forklift accidents. That doesn’t look good. While the guardrail is still strong and fully capable of doing its job, the aesthetics around the facility aren’t the best. That is why we suggest sleeving your guardrail in our gunmetal gray HDPE plastic. The darker color will help hide the dust, debris, and damage from forklifts. 

Ideal Shield's Gray Standard Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Gray Standard Guardrail

Keeping the shop clean can be extremely difficult, especially for facilities that focus on fabrication and/or manufacturing. Those large machines can produce a lot of dust and debris, which gets everywhere. There’s also the forklifts kicking out debris and the natural dust that builds up over time throughout the facility. It can be tough to clean up and to keep clean. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your facility cleaner without actually doing any cleaning, go with the gray guardrail. 

For more information on our wide array of industrial warehouse Guardrail options, including Standard Guardrail, Heavy-Duty Guardrail, Dock Door Goal Posts and much more, please contact our experienced and knowledgable sales team today!