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Guard Your High-Traffic Dock Doors

Protecting high-traffic dock doors is not a task that should ever be taken lightly. These doors are not only extremely expensive to repair, but can drastically slow or halt productivity, causing an even greater loss.


According to a recent article in Modern Materials Handling, a warehouse manager of an operation with nearly 50 dock doors stated that a single inoperable door could cost 30% of shipping capacity. One might assume that for a refrigerated warehouse with 47 high-speed loading doors, losing only one wouldn’t be detrimental. As you can see, that assumption is incorrect.

It only takes a forklift or any other vehicle one hit to cause the kind of damage that rips a gaping hole in your budget. Are you willing to take that kind of chance? Regardless of how stringent your safety protocol might be, accidents happen all the time. Guard your high-traffic dock doors with Ideal Shield’s Goal Post system and rest easy that we’ll take the hit and keep on protecting for years to come.

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