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Helpful Guide to Buying Ideal Shield Bollard Covers

Whether this is your first time visiting Ideal Shield or you’re a returning customer, we’re here to help make your purchasing experience as easy as possible. 

There are a ton of different Bollard Cover sizes and options out on the market. From expensive stainless steel bollard covers to affordable plastic bollard covers and everything in between, finding the right Bollard Cover for your needs takes research. It’s all a matter of preference but for most buyers, plastic is the much more common route to take as it’s not only cost-effective during the sale but also throughout the life of the product from the lack of maintenance and painting costs. 

Follow these helpful steps to make sure you not only get your Bollard Covers as soon as possible but you receive the exact Bollard Covers for your project needs. 

1. What kind of Bollard Cover will you need? 

Ideal Shield's Bollards and Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s Bollards and Bollard Covers

Will these covers deal with high traffic areas and potential vehicle impacts? Or are these covers going to be more for aesthetics and won’t see much impact? If you’re looking to just freshen up your bollards, the 1/8″ Bollard Covers will get the job done. But if you’re looking for something that’ll deal with higher traffic areas, we suggest going with the 1/4″ Bollard Covers.

Looking to really make your property pop? We offer 10 different Decorative Bollard Cover options that will give any storefront, parking lot, campus, or business a high-end more sophisticated look. And, not to mention, the Decorative Bollard Covers are much more cost-effective compared to stainless steel or ornamental bollards. 

In need of a promotional cover? Our AdShield Fabric Bollard Covers are customizable to meet your exact branding needs. Send us your designs and we can do the rest. We also stock Candy Cane striped covers and American Flag covers to meet holiday needs. 

Have a specific style need? We have just about any style of Bollard Cover you could want or need. To go along with our original Dome Top Bollard Covers, we also offer Flat Top Bollard Covers, Reflective Bollard Covers, Square Bollard Covers, Lighted Bollard Covers, and Bollard Sign Systems

2. What size Bollard Covers will you need? 

At Ideal Shield, we offer Bollard Covers to fit over anything from a 3″ pipe to a 12″ pipe. As for how we get the right sizing, we’re looking for the Outside Diameter of your pipe. However, if you get the Inside Diameter or the Circumference, we can work with that too. Just make sure to follow the Bollard Cover sizing guide to make sure you’re ordering the properly sized covers: 

3. Which colors would you like? Are custom decals needed?  

Ideal Shield's Dome Top Bollard Cover Options

Ideal Shield’s Dome Top Bollard Covers

We ask because we’re the only Bollard Cover company that can truly ask and deliver on that promise. We here at Ideal Shield have matched over 600 colors already but even in the chance that we haven’t created your exact color, we can make custom colors just for you. Ask our sales team to learn more about the set up process. 

As for the custom decals, we can add mold-in or vinyl decals to meet your branding needs. That includes company logos, slogans, or promotions. It’ll help brand your business or property to really catch the eyes of visitors and customers.

4. Do you need Steel Pipe to go with the Covers? 

Steel Pipe Bollards

Steel Pipe Bollards

Before you fill out your quote, it’s necessary to know that we here at Ideal Shield have one of the best U.S. Steel pipe selections available. Whether you’re looking for Pipe Bollards, Base Plate Bollards, Removable Bollards, Collapsible Bollards, Crash Rated Bollards, or any other type of steel pipe need to go along with your new Bollard Covers, we have you covered. 

5. Submit a Quote  

Once you have the style, size, and color selected, click one of the many “Get Quote” or “Immediate Quote” buttons throughout the website to fill out our quote submission form. This will allow us to find you the best deal on our Bollard Covers possible and quickly reach out to you via email and phone to deliver your pricing. 

Ideal Shield prides itself on our top of the line products and our strong customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesistate to give our team a call at 866-825-8659 or contact us online today