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How Guardrail Can Protect Your Forklift Battery Charging Stations

While trying to save money and the environment, your shop may have made the move to electric forklifts. This means plugging these large machines into battery charging stations everyday which just opens the possibility to accidents happening. After spending thousands of dollars on the forklifts and charging stations, the last thing you’ll want to do is fix or replace either because of preventable accidents. 

So, you’ll need to shield these expensive pieces of equipment. And who does that better than us here at Ideal Shield? Nobody, that’s who. 

For more than 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing different Industrial Guardrail solutions to stop shop accidents from happening and protecting electric forklift chargers is right in our wheelhouse. We’ve designed several different styles of Guardrail including the “Low Boy” Guardrail  which is a ground level barrier to ensure forklifts stop in their tracks and do not clear the top rail. That’ll stop minor bumps or major collisions from taking place while pulling the forklifts up to the charging units. 

Ideal Shield's One-Line Heavy-Duty Industrial Warehouse Guardrail designed for forklift protection - watermarked

Ideal Shield’s Low Boy Heavy-Duty Guardrail designed for forklift charging station protection.

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrail for overhead door protection and two-line HGR for EV Station protection

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail for overhead door protection and two-line HGR for electric forklift charging stations.

Made of 100% American-made material and fabricated in Detroit, Michigan, our Industrial Guardrail solutions are the strongest in the industry. These forklift specific barriers are designed to hold strong and line up with the forklift’s hit points to protect your assets properly. Not only does your battery charging station stay in-tact, but the damage to your forklift is minimal to none– even if it hits multiple times. 

Whether you have tight corners or a sprawling layout, we have the customization options for you. This goes for the colors too; if you want a stand-out color in safety yellow or camouflage in gunmetal gray, or something completely different, we’ve got you covered. And because of our HDPE plastic sleeve, you’ll save money on maintenance and paint cost throughout its life, so you’ll always have a good-looking product within the durable product.

Looking to immediately improve the protection of your forklifts, charging stations, and other critical assets? Contact the Ideal Shield sales team today to learn more about if our long line of Industrial Guardrail solutions