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How Ideal Shield’s Sign Systems will Enhance Your Curbside Pickup Program

Mobile ordering pickup and food delivery services have changed the foodservice industry for good. No longer will customers need to go into the restaurants or stores or even leave their homes to get their goods. It’s all about convenience now so it’s time to get with the times and take your Curbside Pickup Program to the next level with Ideal Shield’s Sign Systems and Parking Lot Products

1. Add Standout, Standup Signage 

Ideal Shield's Carolina Blue Pyramid Sign Bases used for Lowe's Curbside Pickup Program

Ideal Shield’s Carolina Blue Pyramid Sign Bases used for Lowe’s Curbside Pickup Program

When a customer or delivery driver enter your parking lot, the last thing you want them to do is to get lost and flustered. That is why adding clear, standout signage to your designated parking spots is key. And there isn’t a better option on the market than our Pyramid Sign Bases

Used by some of the largest retail and restaurant companies in the country, including McDonald’s, Target, and Lowe’s, the Pyramid Sign Base is a plastic sign base that can be customized to fit your exact needs. 

2. Cost-Effective Solution to Concrete Bases

Ideal Shield's Gray Pyramid Sign Bases used for Meijer's Curbside Pickup Program

Ideal Shield’s Gray Pyramid Sign Bases used for Meijer’s Curbside Pickup Program

Need a reliable, sturdy sign system to take the place of those crumbling concrete sign bases? That’s what our LDPE Plastic Sign Bases were designed to do.

Compared to heavy, crumbling 300 lbs concrete sign bases, our Pyramid Sign Bases weigh just 30 lbs. before being filled. This lightweight design will help you save a ton on shipping costs and will make the lives of your employees much easier. Once the bases are in their locations, fill with either water, water & base gel, sand, or for the heaviest option, fill with concrete.

Once properly filled, the Sign Bases will be 175+ lbs. and are designed to withstand 75 mph wind gusts. Check out our Pyramid Sign Base’s wind load test results

Don’t forget to add wheels to your new sign bases to make it much easier for your everyday employees to maneuver and move the Sign Bases throughout the day.

3. Storefront Signage with Some Strength 

Ideal Shield's Bollard Sign Systems for Curbside Pickup Program

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Sign Systems for Curbside Pickup Program

Looking to add permanent signage to your Curbside Pickup Program? Our Bollard Sign Systems are the perfect fit for any designated parking spot as the U.S. Steel schedule 40 steel pipe system is there to lend that extra piece of protection. 

Cars and trucks are pulling up with excitement as they’re ready to get their goods. Sometimes that results in an accident, which is the last thing you need at your business. That is why adding the permanent Bollard Sign Systems to your designated parking spots is both a safe and cost-effective move. 

Our Bollard Sign Systems are sleeved in any color Bollard Cover you’d like and paired with a colored post to tie the entire system together. We also offer precision cutting for our Bollard Covers so your U-Channel or round post will fit like a glove. 

4. Bold Colors and Decals will Differentiate 

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Base with custom decal for the Akron RubberDucks

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Base with custom decal for the Akron RubberDucks

Whether you go with the Pyramid Sign Bases or the Bollard Sign Systems, take your new signage to the next level with bold colors and custom decals to really make your signs pop. 

For both Bollad Covers and Sign Bases, we’ve matched over 600 colors already and can match your color tone as well. From bold bright colors like Lime Green or Carolina Blue to more standard colors like Red, Black, or Yellow, we can get you the exact color sign bases you want and need. 

Want to take your new signs to the next level? Add your own logos to the Base or Bollard Cover, add your Curbside Pickup Program’s logo or slogan for branding, or add stall numbers to each so the driver knows which spot is designated for them. It doesn’t take much to really make your new signage pop. 

5. Other Parking Lot Products of Interest 

Ideal Shield has a long line of Parking Lot Products that can enhance your property and Curbside Pickup Program including Standard Bollard Covers, Decorative Bollard Covers, Steel Pipe Bollards, C40 Storefront Bollards, AdShield Fabric Bollard Covers, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Delineator Posts and Paddles, as well as Flexible Bollards and Flexible Sign Sticks

Whether you have a Curbside Pickup Program in place or you’re just now looking to add one, contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about our Curbside Pickup Program products.