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How Protecting Manufacturing Machinery will Reduce Downtime

Downtime in the manufacturing world can be devastating for companies. The loss of valuable production time because of a downed/damaged machine or production line limits efficiency and results in lost man-hours and raw materials, as well as lost sales opportunities and damage to brand reputation.

According to Siemens’ Report, the cost of downtime has increased dramatically from 2021-2022, costing Fortune Global 500 companies almost $1.5 trillion (up from $864 billion between 2019-2020), which is an annual average of $129 million per facility.  This has hit the automotive world more than anyone else, as an hour of downtime in an auto plant costs more than $2 million. 

To sum it up, it is an absolute nightmare for any manufacturer, big or small. 

When you consider that the average manufacturing facility suffers around 20 monthly downtime incidents, this is not a problem to scoff at. Production, efficiency, and money is being lost because of unplanned downtime due to damaged machinery or downed production lines. 

So, what can you do as a facility or production manager to prevent these incidents and reduce downtime? 

The quickest and most cost-effective way to limit the incidents is to properly protect the most vulnerable areas and most critical assets. To do that, industrial guardrail is needed. 

Here at Ideal Shield, we offer the industry’s strongest industrial guardrail solutions that will properly protect your most expensive machinery and assets while also offering added floor space and cutting back on costly maintenance fees like painting and consistent repairs. 

Standard and Heavy Duty Guardrail 

Ideal Shield's Industrial Guardrail used to create forklift path in facility

Ideal Shield’s Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail used protect production lines. 

The Standard Guardrail and Heavy Duty Guardrail is our most popular guardrail solution as we’ve been making it the exact same way for the last 25+ years. Made with U.S. Steel and sleeved in HDPE plastic, the guardrail solutions can be designed in several different heights, lengths, and install applications to meet your exact needs. 

Barrier Guardrail 

Ideal Shield's Barrier Guardrail protecting Dock Door Machinery

Ideal Shield’s Barrier Guardrail protecting dock door machinery.

If you’re looking for an extended guardrail solution, the Barrier Guardrail can do just that. Like the competition’s corrugated bolt-on guardrail only stronger, the Barrier Guardrail is a component-based solution that allows to extended runs and turns to keep the guarding consistent without gaps. However, unlike the competition and like all Ideal Shield Guardrail, this is system features U.S. steel sleeved in HDPE plastic to limit maintenance costs. 

Goal Post Guardrail 

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrail protecting overhead door tracks and roll up mechanism.

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail protecting overhead door tracks and roll up mechanism.

One of the most critical assets in a manufacturing facility is the dock doors, overhead doors, and cold storage speed doors. Protecting the door tracks and door mechanisms is key to keeping the deliveries and shipping moving. That is where the Goal Post Guardrail is unmatched. Available in a wide range of heights and widths, the Goal Post Guardrail will protect against forklift accidents high or low. 

Safety Wall Guardrail 

Ideal Shield Safety Wall Guardrail FCA W

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail used to protect designated machinery location in facility. 

Speaking of protecting high or low, if your facility is in need of protection for large or extended areas, the Safety Wall Guardrail cannot be beat. While the competition offers a flexible system that can be a pain to assemble, costly to repair, limited in size, and not quite as protective as the price would suggest, our Wall Guard is made from U.S. Steel and can be designed up to 20 feet tall to meet stacking protection needs unlike anything else on the market. 

Rack Guardrail 

Ideal Shield's Rack Guardrail used for end of pallet rack protection.

Ideal Shield’s Rack Guardrail used for end of pallet rack protection. 

Pallet rack storage is a key component of any manufacturing facility and an accident there can be catastrophic. Not only can downtime and loss of material occur but injuries and fatalities as well. That is why properly protecting the racking is important. Don’t just put up simple steel guards. The Rack Guardrail can keep end of pallet racks protected in high traffic forklift lanes. 

When accidents occur, the cost is more than just the repairs. Keep your downtime limited as much as possible by properly protecting your most critical assets and machinery by adding Ideal Shield’s industrial guardrail solutions. Contact our experienced sales team to learn more about our options and how our Guardrail will keep your manufacturing facility moving.