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How to Protect Your Storefront with Bollards

Safety should always be a top priority, especially when it comes to protecting our businesses and the people within them.

Did you know that every time a storefront is hit by a vehicle, the cost of property damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars? And if a person is injured, it can cost an owner millions of dollars. If the impact caused enough property damage, your establishment may even have to pause operations, and repairs can take weeks or months to fully restore, which means that you’re losing money due to your establishment being inoperable.

Storefront collisions continue to be a widespread problem due to speeding, driver accidents, visual misjudgment, and drunk driving, so it’s crucial that your storefront has adequate protection from these hazards. However, these incidents can be significantly mitigated thanks to innovative solutions like Bollards. Ideal Shield has been helping protect people and storefronts for over 25 years with our top-line of Bollards and Bollard Covers. From independent store rollouts to national rollouts, we’ve got you covered.

Rite Aid Storefront Crash: Ideal Solutions

In 2018, a Rite Aid in Plymouth, Michigan, was hit by a vehicle that collided with the side of the pharmacy. While the car didn’t go through the building, the accident was impactful enough to put a large hole in the brick, which caused extensive damage to the interior display. Tens of thousands of dollars in damage had been done, and it was only a matter of time before another incident occurred.

Rite Aid pharmacy storefront crash and interior damage.

After the crash, the owner did not want to risk a collision like that happening again and decided to secure the storefront and side of the Rite Aid pharmacy with 40 new Ideal Shield bollards and black sleeves, significantly limiting the chances of another accident. They even added Ideal Shield’s Bollard Sign System for handicapped parking signage in their lot.

This investment far outweighs the cost of another accident. Having these preventative measures in place will save you from costly property damage as well as protect your customers and employees from any potential incidents.

Rite Aid storefront and side with Ideal Shield’s Bollards and Black Bumper Post Sleeves.

There are a number of different bollard ratings and installation methods to consider when deciding the correct storefront protection for you and Ideal Shield is here to help!

Steel Pipe Bollard

Our Steel Pipe Bollards, made from U.S. Steel and fabricated in Detroit, Michigan, are ideal for many applications. From pedestrian-friendly areas and storefronts to parking lots and sidewalks, these Bollards are most commonly used for storefront security. And you can sleeve these pipes with any of our 15 Ideal Shield Bollard Cover options!

Dark green bollard Covers in front of O'Riley's.

Dark green bollard Covers in front of O’Riley’s.

Deseret Industries with Ideal Shield's blue Bollard Covers guarding the storefront.

Deseret Industries with Ideal Shield’s blue Bollard Covers guarding the storefront.

C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

If you’re looking for more protection, our ASTM C-40 Traffic Impact Bollard may be the right fit for you. Designed to stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph impact with less than 24″ of vehicle penetration, making it equal to or greater than the S10, S20, and S30 standards. This security bollard is perfect for storefronts, parking lots, and high-traffic areas around your establishment.

Ideal Shield's independently crash tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

Ideal Shield’s independently crash-tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard.

Ideal Shield's C40 Bollards with Bollard Covers at Wawa storefront

Ideal Shield’s C40 Bollards with Bollard Covers at Wawa storefront.

K4 Impact Bollard

Are you looking for a bit more security for your storefront? The K4 Crash Rated Bollard could be the ideal solution for you. These security barriers have been approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and are listed on the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List as one standalone bollard can stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30 mph within one-meter penetration.

Ideal Shield’s Bollards with Covers and Bollard Sign Systems in front of Walgreens.

Ideal Shield's Bollard Covers in front of Publix

Ideal Shield’s Bollards in front of Publix.

K12 Crash Bollard

Is your business in a high-traffic area and needs maximum security? Ideal Shield’s strongest single Safety Bollard available is the K-12 Crash Rated Bollard. Approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and listed on the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List, these security barriers are designed to stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 50 mph with 1.2-meter penetration. These Safety Bollards are ideal if you’re looking for ultimate protection for your storefront!

Ideal Shield's K12 Bollards being installed.

Ideal Shield’s K12 Bollards being installed.

You never know when accidents will occur at your establishment. Don’t make the mistake of not having adequate protection in place!

As an industry leader in Bollards and Bumper Post Sleeves, Ideal Shield has you covered for all of your storefront protection needs. Secure your business from vehicle collisions and extensive damage and contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about how you can secure your storefront.