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Ideal Shield Dock Door Protection

Dock Door Protection Overhead and Dock Door Protection Doors are often left unprotected, even in the safest facilities. It only takes one crash to understand the problems and expense when an important overhead door is out of action.  A disabled door can disrupt daily operations – in cold storage areas, high speed doors entrances, and the dock doors. Ideal Shield’s Goal Post System is designed to protect your overhead doors from expensive repairs and downtime. Our Goal Post System, made of 4’’ and 6’’ steel post sleeved in plastic arrives in three sections for quick installation. No welding, sanding or painting required. Just slot together and draw out the set bolts, hoist and set in place. This is a perfect door guarding solution for distribution centers, clean rooms, and cold storage facilities. This long lasting door protection is available to fit any overhead door height and requires no maintenance.

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