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Ideal Shield is Your Trusted Source for Safety Bollards

From storefronts and walking paths to machine guards and high traffic forklift areas, the need for Safety Bollards is high no matter where you happen to be. Industrial settings, commercial settings, having a trusted piece of steel between your valuable assets and potential vehicle threats can not only give you and your people more peace of mind but can also protect you and your business from costly mistakes. 

At Ideal Shield, we are your trusted source for high-quality, American-made Safety Bollards. Offering more Bollard options and Bollard Cover options than anyone else on the market, you can find the Safety Bollard that fits your exact needs right here: 

Steel Pipe Bollards

Available in 3″-10″ pipe and schedule 40 and schedule 80 U.S. steel, the Steel Pipe Bollards can be done in a variety of finishes including a Bollard Cover, Galvanized, Raw, Prime Painted, or Powder Coated. 

Base Plate Bollards 

Ideal Shield offers Base Plate Safety Bollards in multiple sizes to meet your protection needs. In-stock and ready to ship, the Base Plate Bollards are made from U.S. steel pipe and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan to keep it 100% American-made. 

Removable Locking Bollards

Keep your Safety Bollards temporary with the Removable Locking Bollards. Available in multiple sizes and with any applicable Bollard Cover, the Removable Bollards are perfect for any restricted vehicle access areas. 

Collapsible Locking Bollards 

If you’re looking for a quicker use temporary Safety Bollard, the Collapsible Locking Bollard may be the right fit. Just drop it down in a matter of seconds to allow trucks and vans to pass over it with ease before popping it back up, locking it into place, and having that visual deterrent for vehicles. 

ASTM C-40 Traffic Impact Bollards 

Ideal Shield's C-40 Traffic Impact Bollard


If you’re in need of more security with your Safety Bollards but at a cost-effective price, the ASTM C-40 Traffic Impact Bollard is the right fit. One properly installed single standalone bollard is engineered and designed to stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph impact with less than 24″ of vehicle penetration, making it equal to or greater than the S10, S20 and S30 standards. This bollard is ideal for storefront protection. 

ASTM K4 Crash Rated Bollards 

If you need even stronger protection than the C-40 Safety Bollard, the K4 Crash Rated Bollard could be the right fit. These security barriers have been approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and are now listed on the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List as one single standalone bollard has the ability to stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30 mph within one-meter penetration. 

ASTM K12 Crash Rated Bollards 

The strongest single Safety Bollard available is the K-12 Crash Rated Bollard. Also approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and listed on the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List, these security barriers are designed to stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 50 mph with 1.2-meter penetration. 

Safety Bollards are an ideal piece of protection for any business, warehouse, or property. These steel protection posts are placed between parking lots and storefronts, as machine and other critical asset safeguards from forklifts and pallet trucks, and throughout bike paths and walkways to ensure the safety of the pedestrians. Having these posts properly installed can end up saving plenty of money and plenty of lives. The real choice isn’t whether or not to add new Safety Bollards but which bollards to add. 

For more than 25 years, Ideal Shield has been a leader in facility maintenance and protection products, as well as having one of the best inventories of pipe bollards available. If you’re in the market for Safety Bollards in any size, style, or application, contact the knowledgable Ideal sales team today!